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Monterey Institute - DPMI offered January 2-20, 2008

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  • Scott Webb
    Development Project Management Institute (DPMI) offered January 2-20, 2007 When: January 2-20, 2008--Wednesday-Sunday (9am-4pm weekdays; 1-6pm weekends) Where:
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      Development Project Management Institute (DPMI) offered January 2-20,

      When: January 2-20, 2008--Wednesday-Sunday (9am-4pm weekdays; 1-6pm

      Where: Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey,

      Apply online at www.miis.edu/dpmi

      Applications due Tuesday, November 20, 2007

      Learn valuable project management skills for strategic partnering,
      project planning, facilitating participatory development, and the
      training of trainers.

      Fee for 3-week program: $2,500 fee for training and certificate.

      Module Descriptions

      DPMI is a professional training program designed to prepare you for
      long-term development work in Africa, Asia, Latin America or anywhere
      else where there is extensive poverty, transitional government, or
      acute emergency. DPMI provides participants with a solid set of skills
      and tools for designing, assessing and leading change-oriented programs.

      Module #1: Managing Development Project

      Participants learn about the project cycle and how to analyze project
      opportunities. They become proficient in using the Results Framework,
      related tools and advanced software to guide project design and
      monitoring. They also learn how to use indicators to assess project
      performance. During the module, students use country data to create a
      project and accompanying monitoring plan that is consistent with the
      Millennium Development Goals (MGDs).

      Module #2: Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Partnering

      Particpants, working within a context of social entrepreneurship,
      become proficient in the use of tools and techniques to conduct an
      analysis of vision and mission; identify core competencies; and forge
      strategic partnerships to enhance organizational effectiveness.~
      Innovative software applications are introduced to support a simulation.

      Module #3: Facilitating Participatory Development

      Participants master tools and skills needed to effectively assume the
      roles of facilitator, trainer, and change agent. Local human resource
      development is an important component in every development project.
      The module focuses on transferring skills to participants so they can
      conduct their own training programs. Topics covered include needs
      assessments, adult learning practices, community mobilization,
      stakeholder negotiation, conflict mediation, and the training of

      Participant Testimonials

      "I gained very practical knowledge of development concepts and
      frameworks that I soon learned are a big part of life for a field
      office of a development NGO. Pact Ecuador provided me the opportunity
      to put to work some of the skills I learned in DPMI. It is a good
      example of an organization that has internalized many of the key
      lessons from DPMI, such as the participative approach to development
      and clear strategic thinking."

      Michael Minkler, IEP 2006, Pact Ecuador, DPMI DC Summer 2005

      "I took the [DPMI]course during the winter semester and found it
      absolutely essential for my summer internship with UNECLAC (United
      Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) in
      Mexico City. I worked with the departments of Economic Development and
      Economic Agricultural Development, mainly doing research, project
      design and proposal writing..."

      Robert Gamble, DPMI Winterim 2006

      "DPMI has also spurred me to strive to do more than just be a mere
      observer of the development process but to be an active participant
      and an effective change agent."

      Chinenye Ndefo, Nigeria, DPMI Winterim 2004

      "No matter what your specialty - public health, water-sanitation,
      gender development, democracy and governance, agriculture - all
      development projects are built on sound fundamentals. DPMI brings all
      these fundamental elements of modern, cutting-edge development theory
      together into one coherent course, which can be put to use
      professionally as soon as you leave the classroom. The other added
      benefit of DMPI was the community of practice and the camaraderie our
      group built together over the 3 weeks. I highly recommend this program
      to anyone interested in International Development."

      Scott Webb, DPMI Winterim 2005

      Contact: dpmi@..., http://www.miis.edu/dpmi

      Carolyn Taylor, DPMI Program Coordinator, 831-647-6417/Skype:

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