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Fw: September: Make the Most of Your Donation Dollars

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  • KjkeeFer@juno.com
    Thank you RPCVs!!! The NPCA Microenterprise Program has nearly accomplished its 2007 goal of $1 million! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!! And thanks to Calvert Foundation
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      Thank you RPCVs!!! The NPCA Microenterprise Program has nearly
      accomplished its 2007 goal of $1 million! Yeaaaaaaaaaa!! And thanks to
      Calvert Foundation that administers our program at no cost, but does give
      NPCA $25 for each new investor. So tell your friends!!!
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      Subject: [The Junction] September: Make the Most of Your Donation Dollars

      September 2007

      Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Initiative Nears $1 Million
      The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), which helps promote sales of
      Calvert Foundation's Community Investment Note, is nearing $1 million in
      Notes that support their specially targeted community investment
      initiative. This special partnership allows all investment dollars that
      come in through NPCA to be targeted to microfinance organizations such as
      Alterfin, Women's World Banking Network and FINCA. These organizations
      work in many of the same regions that Peace Corps Volunteers did during
      their terms of service. This initiative allows Returned Peace Corps
      Volunteers to support the communities they lived in long after they have

      > Read the press release.
      Calvert Foundation Supports Microfinance Investment in Latin America
      We are proud to partner with global microfinance intermediary MicroVest
      to make a $750,000 loan to FUNBODEM, a microfinance institution working
      in Bolivia. FUNBODEM serves over 6,000 clients - mostly women - in the
      vibrant tropical city of Santa Cruz and its surrounding regions. Senior
      Investment Officer Eliza Erikson, who manages Calvert Foundation�s $30
      million microfinance portfolio, said that these loans are going to areas
      where affordable capital is most needed: very low-income markets. "We are
      happy to be working with MicroVest to develop and offer this product to
      microfinance institutions around the world." MicroVest also recently made
      a loan to PRISMA, a microfinance organization in Peru that grew out of
      the food security program of USAID.

      > Read more about these loans.

      Gearing Up for the Giving Season
      It will soon be that time of year when families decide on their giving
      plans. While there are many wonderful options for your philanthropic
      dollars, always be sure to choose carefully in order to avoid scams and
      ensure that your donation dollars are used effectively. In order to do
      so, verify a nonprofit's legitimacy, make sure your contribution will be
      tax deductible, and research an organization's mission and finances.
      Websites such as GuideStar and Network for Good provide online search
      tools to help you investigate your options. Network for Good also offers
      10 Tips on Giving Wisely.
      While Calvert Foundation's most popular offering is the Community
      Investment Note (an investment product), you can also donate! A
      tax-deductible donation to our GiftShares program allows us to make loans
      to new, innovative organizations that don�t yet meet our financial
      requirements for our standard loans. GiftShares donations are leveraged
      20 times their value as community investment capital to organizations
      serving low-income communities in the US and around the world. Just
      imagine - a $1,000 donation to Calvert Foundation actually helps provide
      $20,000 in loans to high-impact nonprofits and social enterprises.

      > Learn more about donating to GiftShares.
      ASK TIM

      What is a donor advised fund?
      This month Shari has asked Timothy Freundlich, Calvert Foundation's
      Director of Strategic Development, to answer the "Ask Shari" reader
      question. Tim heads up the Calvert Foundation's donor advised fund,
      Calvert Giving Fund.

      With the holiday season approaching, many of you may be thinking about
      your 2007 giving plans. If so, you may want to consider opening a donor
      advised fund � an innovative way to give to your favorite charitable
      organizations. Donor advised funds allow you to create your own
      �personal foundation,� which is then managed by a third party that
      carries out your grant recommendations. This arrangement offers tax
      benefits as well as ease of set-up and administration.
      As the only 100% socially responsible donor advised fund, Calvert
      Foundation�s Calvert Giving Fund provides a low-cost and easy-to-manage
      way to receive an immediate tax deduction while placing your assets in a
      mix of socially responsible mutual funds and our Community Investment
      Note to appreciate over time. While you decide which approved 501(c)(3)
      charities to recommend for grants, your funds appreciate tax-free and are
      not only supporting socially responsible companies, but also working in
      communities around the world � helping to support small businesses,
      create jobs and homes, and improve the lives of thousands of low-income
      individuals. Calvert Giving Fund provides a creative way to blend
      long-term philanthropy with socially responsible and community investing,
      offering donors an incredible opportunity to leverage their donations. It
      also lets you put assets into highly innovative social capital market
      deals like Public Radio Capital.

      > Ask us a question!

      COMING NEXT MONTH: Your Social Return on Investment - Find out what
      real-life returns, measured in jobs, homes and lives, you've helped
      produce over the past year!

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      Calvert Social Investment Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, offers the
      Community Investment Note, a 1- to 10-year note earning up to 3%
      interest. The Note is subject to certain risks, is not a mutual fund, is
      not insured, and should not be confused with any Calvert Group sponsored
      investment product. This eNewsletter is neither an offer to sell nor a
      solicitation of an offer to buy these securities the offering is made
      only by the prospectus, which should be read before investing.
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