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NorCal grants recipient in path of Hurricane Felix

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  • marhyde
    Information from NorCal Grants below. ... From: marhyde To: NorCalPCA@yahoo.com Sent: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 09:43:02 -0700 Subject: NorCal
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      Information from NorCal Grants below.
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      Sent: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 09:43:02 -0700
      Subject: NorCal grants recipient in path of Hurricane Felix

      Hello, NorCal members.  Familias Saludables is a small clinic on Roatan Island, Honduras, that provides HIV/AIDS support for women and their families. In both 2004 and 2006, you, through the NorCal Grants Program, supported their efforts.  We helped them purchase HIV testing kits and later helped them refurbish a hospice room at the local hospital. 


      Valerie Nelson, Clinic Director, sent this e-mail as they wait for Hurricane Felix.


      Marilyn Hyde

      NorCal Grants Committee Chair

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      As most of you know we are about to be hit by a class five hurricane (catastrophic) Hurricane Felix. It will hit us dead on at 175 miles an hour Tuesday night. For those of you who are interested the National Hurricane Center on the Internet can give you an hourly update. The municipality has just issued an emergency alert and has requested evacuation of all residents who can afford flights out. We have chosen to stay with our clients and friends and ride this storm out. We will be safe inside a large concrete building close to our home.

      We made a decision today and used our building fund raised by the wonderful Morgan Jayne Project people to buy food and water for as many clients as possible as we know we will all be without power, food and water for days or weeks. We will keep you updated as much as we can until we lose power. We know we will need more food and water and so we are asking, in anticipation, for donations. You have all been so good to us and I hate to ask again but if you can possible spare anything we would appreciate it. I have just talked to my daughter Kate who is the chair of THE DAWN LAND Foundation and they are prepared to take any donations and issue tax receipts. They will transfer any donations to our international account immediately.

      Please contact Kate at 780-452-6150 or mail anything you wish to contribute to 17905-98A Ave, Edmonton, AB T5T 3L3.

      Thank you

      Keep us in your prayers.


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