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Exec Director Position for local non-profit

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    I was asked to post this job announcement for LEAP. If you have any questions about the position please send an email to admin@leap4kids.org and not to me. If
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      I was asked to post this job announcement for LEAP.
      If you have any questions about the position please
      send an email to admin@... and not to me.
      If you enjoy working with schools, artists, and
      non-profits this might be an excellent position for

      Alex (Russia 96-98)


      Leap�imagination in learning is seeking an
      Executive/Artistic Director.

      The mission of Leap�imagination in learning is to
      encourage imagination and creative energy in Bay Area
      children by bringing visual and performing artists and
      architects into local classrooms for extended
      residencies. Leap artists and architects team with
      classroom teachers to design participatory creative
      projects which augment and amplify each school�s
      curriculum. Leap is committed to interweaving all
      aspects of learning with the creative process.

      Leap was founded in 1979 as a response to the passing
      of California Proposition 13, which dramatically
      reduced the funding available for arts education in
      the schools. Since its inception, Leap has provided
      the state of California with exemplary models of
      innovative and artistically sound programs bringing
      artists and architects into local schools. Leap has
      been recognized as one of the first arts education
      programs in the Bay Area to effectively accomplish
      integration of the arts into school curricula. In
      1987, Leap was the first arts education organization
      to receive the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
      Business/Arts Award for Excellence, validating the
      impact Leap programs have had on a generation of
      children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      For a complete history of Leap, please visit our
      website at www.leap4kids.org.

      Job Description - Executive/Artistic Director

      Duties: The Executive Director of Leap is responsible
      to the Board of Directors and is the chief executive
      staff officer. Responsibilities include: day-to-day
      management, fundraising and resource development,
      fiscal budget management and planning, infrastructure
      development, program management, community and
      inter-agency outreach and board relations.


      Board Relations
      � Attend and participate in all Board meetings and
      committee meetings and coordinate meeting logistics
      and Board packets
      � Communicate regularly with Board members on an
      individual basis
      � Participate in the recruitment of new Board members
      � Recommend policies to the Board and assist in the
      formulation of policies for the effective overall
      operation of the agency (economical, program related,
      community related)
      � Ensure implementation of policies adopted by the
      � Ensure that legal obligations of the agency are met

      Financial Management
      � Responsible for the overall fiscal management of
      � Implement effective budgets and accounting systems
      in accordance with the Treasurer
      � Expend funds as allocated in budget and make
      request to Board for approval of non-budgeted items
      � Keep the Board appraised of financial status of the
      organization through regular reporting
      � Lead development of long term financial strategies
      & plans

      Fund Development
      � Provide leadership to develop and implement
      innovative fund raising plan with long and short range
      goals, strategies and measurements � execute with
      assistance from the Board of Directors
      � Increase, diversify and stabilize revenue from
      individuals, businesses, foundations and other sources
      � Support Board fund raising efforts
      � Submit required financial reports to funding
      � Oversee and collaborate with contracted Event
      Coordinator for annual fundraiser

      Program Management
      � Human resources management for Leap Contractors
      � Develop and execute all Leap programs, including
      training, placement and evaluation of Leap
      Contractors, marketing of program to schools, program
      evaluation and materials development
      � Prepare long and short term plans for development
      and growth of Leap�s programs and services
      � Submit periodic progress reports to Leap Board of
      Directors reflecting accomplishments, projections and
      needs of the program
      � Maintain highly effective relationships with Leap�s

      Outreach & Community Involvement
      � Represent the goals, philosophy and policies of
      Leap to the community
      � Remain informed of and interpret trends in the
      fields of arts education
      � Maintain appropriate relations with other
      professional organizations and social service groups
      in the community and serve on appropriate community

      Applicant Requirements
      � Applicant must have strong communication, public
      speaking and interpersonal skills
      � Applicant must have a background in the arts and a
      knowledge of public and governmental agencies and
      school districts
      � Senior management / senior project management and
      development experience required
      � BA or BFA required
      Competitive salary with incentive package offered

      To Apply
      Please submit three copies of each of the following no
      later than May 11, 2005:

      � Resume
      � A successful grant writing sample and an additional
      one page writing sample
      � Three references
      � Optional � Letter of recommendation

      Send to:
      Search Committee
      Leap�imagination in learning
      221 Main Street, Suite 525
      San Francisco, CA 94105

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