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  • Ouida Chichester
    I wanted to pass this event information on to all of you. This is a really wonderful opportunity. ~Ouida Chichester Ecuador ( 02- 04) “RIGHTS, RESOURCES,
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      I wanted to pass this event information on to all of you. This is a really wonderful opportunity.
      ~Ouida Chichester
      Ecuador ('02-'04)


      Indigenous Movements in South America and the
      Fight Against Big Oil

      Macas, President of CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous

      of Ecuador), former
      presidential candidate of Ecuador,
      and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner (1994)

      Fajardo, Trial Attorney, Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco

      Donziger, Trial Attorney, Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco

      Pachamama Alliance,
      Rainforest Action Network, Global

      Amnesty International, Center for Justice and Accountability,

      Accountability Project

      us for an evening event to meet Dr. Macas and Mr. Donziger to hear first-hand
      about the rising popular indigenous movement in South
      America and the culmination of the landmark trial against Chevron

      is free.

      and light hors d�vours will be served.

      more information, contact: Zachary Hurwitz, 415.487.9600 zach@...

      Amazon Watch Speaking Event*

      - 8:00 PM Tuesday 24 April, 2007

      World Affairs Center

      312 Sutter Street #200
      (at Grant)

      San Francisco, CA 94108

      LUIS MACAS (Saraguro) is a renowned leader in Ecuador and is President of the
      influential national indigenous organization, CONAIE. Dr. Macas has been
      instrumental in leading Indigenous peoples in Ecuador in their struggle for human
      rights, the environment, and the fight to recoup their lands and rescue their
      languages and cultures. CONAIE is well known for its popular uprisings that ousted
      several governments, won critical land rights and titles, and shaped government
      policy against neoliberal reforms and U.S.
      military intervention in Ecuador
      and South America.

      FAJARDO is the lead attorney representing the affected peoples' communities
      in the historic trial against Chevron in Ecuador. A long-time rainforest
      resident, Fajardo worked as a manual laborer in the forest and oil fields,
      putting himself through night school and ultimately law school against all
      odds. His first-hand knowledge of the affected region and the health and
      environmental problems resulting from Chevron's years of toxic dumping have
      made him a powerful voice in the courtroom.

      was recently featured in Vanity Fair's May 2007 "Green Issue" for his
      leading role in the "David and Goliath" struggle for justice against
      the California-based oil giant.

      DONZIGER, a graduate of Harvard
      Law School,
      is an attorney based in New York
      who practices in the areas of criminal defense, class action litigation, and
      international human rights law. Mr. Donziger is currently part of a team of
      trial lawyers representing several indigenous groups in the

      Amazon who are suing Chevron for clean-up of what is widely considered to be
      the worst oil-related environmental catastrophe in the world; the trial, Aguinda
      v. ChevronTexaco,
      is entering its fourth year.


      is currently a defendant in an historic trial in

      for having deliberately dumped 18.5 billion gallons of toxic waste directly
      into the rainforest, threatening the survival of indigenous peoples and leaving
      behind what is likely the worst oil-related disaster on the planet. Filed on behalf of 30,000 indigenous and campesino
      people from the Ecuadorian Amazon, the lawsuit has the
      potential to set a precedent that could benefit millions of persons worldwide victimized
      by human rights abuses committed by private companies. The case implicates
      important issues of globalization, indigenous rights, and corporate
      responsibility. Entering its final phase, a decision in the landmark case is
      expected in 2008. CONAIE recently called for a criminal investigation of
      Chevron for allegedly defrauding Ecuador�s government during a botched
      environmental remediation of contaminated sites in the country�s northern
      Amazon. The toxic contamination resulting from Texaco�s operations is 30 times
      larger than the ExxonValdez oil spill.

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