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AmeriCorps Forestry Program Assistant Position in Truckee, CA

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    Final Open Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership position! Focus on Forestry! There is one remaining AmeriCorps member position open with the Sierra Nevada
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      Final Open Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership position!
      Focus on Forestry!

      There is one remaining AmeriCorps member position open with the Sierra
      Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership. The focus is on educating Sierra
      residents about community based forestry and biomass projects. The
      position is based with the well established and cutting edge Sierra
      Business Council.

      So apply today! This member position is full-time for one year
      (February - December 2007) and earns a $1200/month living allowance
      with health insurance and possible child care. At the end of the year
      of service, members receive an Education Award of $4725 to be applied
      to past student loans or future higher education. Student loan
      forbearance during the year of service is also possible.

      When: This position must be filled As Soon As Possible.

      Location: Truckee, CA

      Program Description: The Sierra Business Council (SBC) is a nonprofit
      association of more than seven hundred local businesses, agencies, and
      individuals working to secure the social, natural, and financial
      health of the Sierra Nevada region for this and future generations.
      SBC supports a place-based community investment strategy for built and
      natural landscapes that simultaneously improves economic and
      environmental health. The SBC Forestry program is an effort to find
      environmentally and economically feasible strategies to restore the
      forests of the Sierra Nevada for wildlife value, scenic and
      recreational qualities, watershed heath, and water and air quality.
      The success of this project depends on public education and
      collaboration between forest managers and the environmental community

      Service position: The Forestry Program Assistant will assist with
      research for public education outreach on new forest practices,
      including community based forestry and biomass projects, and organize
      data and assist with the production of educational materials and
      outreach events. The Program Assistant will also do public educational
      presentations on model forest practices.

      For More on SBC: http://www.sbcouncil.org

      Necessary Skills and Qualifications

      * Ability to work with local community members, conservation groups
      and agencies.
      * Experience organizing events
      * Skills facilitating and/or participating in group meetings
      * Ability to lay out work tasks, identify resources, focus work and
      complete tasks on time
      * Strong writing skills
      * Public speaking and outreach skills
      * Independent, highly motivated, and ability to meet deadlines with
      limited supervision
      * Passion for the natural environment
      * Proficiency using personal computers and internet
      * Ability to travel in the Sierra
      * Physical ability to perform strenuous activities at high elevations
      Compensation and Benefits

      * Full-time AmeriCorps Service positions from February and concluding
      December 31st, 2007.
      * AmeriCorps Members will receive up to 340 hours of technical,
      ecological and skills-development training throughout the year.
      * AmeriCorps Members will receive a monthly stipend of $1200 and
      standard health insurance.
      * AmeriCorps Education Award of $4,725 will be granted upon
      completion of the program for use on existing qualified student loans or
      future higher education expenses.
      How to Apply:

      * Send a one page cover letter summarizing your interest in the
      program and position and your best qualifications.
      * Attach your resume
      * Email the cover letter and resume immediately to
      For More on Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership visit:

      Or call Do Lee, Regional Coordinator, Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps
      Partnership at 530-542-4546 x 302


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