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      From: National Peace Corps Association <news@...>
      Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 23:44:02 -0500
      Subject: [NorCalPCA] [NPCANews] E-Newsletter for January 2007

      Volume 4, Issue 1

      www.peacecorpsconnect.org <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org>

      January 2007

      *RPCV Senator Dodd Announces Presidential Candidacy*

      Last week Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) announced that he will run for
      the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. Dodd, who was a Peace
      Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic from 1962-1968, is the second
      RPCV to run for presidential office. He follows the path of the late
      Sen. Paul Tsongas (Ethiopia 62-64) who ran for the Democratic nomination
      in 1982.

      Click here
      <http://edition.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/01/11/dodd.president.ap/> for a
      CNN news story on Sen. Dodd's announcement. Click here
      <http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16596292/> for an interview with fellow
      RPCV Chris Matthews (Swaziland 68-70) in which Peace Corps service is

      *Mentoring Program about to Get Underway*

      On Friday NPCA Vice President Anne Baker and Program Associate Ellen
      Frierson will be flying to Miami to kick off a three-city pilot
      mentoring program under a cooperative agreement with Peace Corps. This
      new program will connect recently returned Peace Corps volunteers in
      Miami, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon with RPCV mentors to support them
      as they readjust to life in the U.S. post-Peace Corps. Over the course
      of the six-month program, NPCA will develop materials based on
      participant feedback to guide the creation of possible additional
      mentoring programs in other parts of the country. To learn more, visit

      *State Retirement Credit for Peace Corps Service*

      It's a question we are often asked by state employees around the
      country: Am I eligible to purchase retirement credit for my years of
      service in the Peace Corps?

      In order to help provide an answer, NPCA has launched a new portion of
      our website to assist you. Click here
      <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1633> for a
      state-by-state rundown of retirement credit options for RPCVs, and here
      <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1649> for some
      initial organizing suggestions should you wish to mobilize others to
      change the law in your part of the country.

      *New Year, New T-Shirt: NPCA Online Shop Open for Business*

      Does the New Year find you hitting the gym more regularly? Well, don't
      go wearing that ratty 25th anniversary t-shirt. Spark a conversation at
      the weight machines by sporting a new Peace Corps t-shirt instead!

      In the past few days we've made some more improvements to NPCA's online
      shop featuring a selection of Peace Corps-related apparel and
      merchandise. So visit www.cafepress.com/pcorpsconnect
      <http://www.cafepress.com/pcorpsconnect> to see what's new.

      Every purchase you make supports our advocacy, global education and
      Peace Corps community building efforts. If there are types or
      merchandise or messages you'd like to see in the future, e-mail

      *New Mexico RPCVs Mark 10 Years of Skiing Fun*

      Returned Peace Corps volunteers from New Mexico will be traveling north
      in mid-February to join their Colorado compatriots in Pagosa Springs,
      Colorado for a weekend of outstanding skiing (downhill and
      cross-country), tubing, hot springs, potluck meals, story-swapping and
      all-around Peace Corps-style socializing. It's the 10th anniversary for
      a family-friendly event that draws RPCVs, prospective volunteers, family
      and friends--even a few dogs! To learn more visit our Calendar
      <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/pages/calendar.cfm>, click on "month"
      and then "February."

      *NPCA in the Spotlight*

      The NPCA is a homepage feature this month on the website of the Longview
      Foundation for Education in World Affairs and International
      Understanding (www.longviewfdn.org <http://www.longviewfdn.org/>). The
      Longview Foundation has supported our Global TeachNet program almost
      from its very beginning, including funding for the disseminator grants,
      Global Educator Awards, Kids Around the World website
      <http://www.katw.org> and the current Global Libraries Outreach Campaign
      (stay tuned for more details on that next month). While you are visiting
      the NPCA's feature, be sure to check out the other fine programs that
      together work to help young people in the United States learn about
      world regions and global issues.

      *Making a Difference: RPCV Pamela Pine*

      Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH (Yemen 1977-1989), is the Founder and President of
      the Stop the Silence: Stop Child Se*ual Abuse, a charitable non-profit
      organization providing comprehensive prevention and treatment of child
      se*ual abuse on local, national and international levels. Stop the
      Silence is the host of the annual International Race to Stop the
      Silence, which takes place each April in Washington, D.C.and other
      locations around the world.

      Click here
      <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1665&ref=1> to
      learn more about Pamela's work, that asterisk and how you can get involved.

      *Model Global Elementary Schools Program Wraps Up*

      The Model Global Elementary Schools program, a collaboration between
      NPCA and District of Columbia Public Schools, began in November 2005
      when teams of teachers from six Washington, DC elementary schools took
      part in a workshop and developed comprehensive plans for implementing
      global education programs in their schools. Over the course of the
      2005-2006 school year, this dedicated and creative group of educators
      explored ways to effectively teach about international issues and
      promote global awareness, and demonstrated what "model" global
      elementary schools can look like.

      A report highlighting the work of three of the Model Global Elementary
      Schools is available online. This report gives an overview of the
      participating schools and features many creative ideas and insights from
      teachers. To download the report, click here
      (.pdf format).

      *Don't Forget, We're Moving*

      At the end of January, NPCA will be moving offices. Not very far, just
      upstairs in the same building from Suite 205 to Suite 404. We hope
      you'll understand that despite our best efforts there might be some
      slight disruption of services.

      *In This Issue*

      . RPCV Senator Dodd Announces Presidential Candidacy <#11>

      . Mentoring Program about to Get Underway <#22>

      . State Retirement Credit for Peace Corps Service <#33>

      . New Year, New T-Shirt: NPCA Online Shop Open for Business! <#44>

      . New Mexico RPCVs Mark 10 Years of Skiing Fun <#55>

      . NPCA in the Spotlight <#66>

      . Making a Difference: RPCV Pamela Pine <#77>

      . Model Global Elementary Schools Program Wraps Up <#88>

      . Don't Forget, We're Moving <#99>


      *Peace Corps
      Community News*

      . Peace Corps Announces Annual Rankings of Top Colleges and Universities

      . Peace Corps Volunteers Hail From All Over America

      . Family seeks to change Peace Corps guidelines

      . From Hatchville to Namibia

      . Summing up Gov. Taft as he leaves office

      . Mother of a nation: Liberia's president looking to Peace Corps for
      help <http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0111/p13s02-woaf.html>

      . He's out of Africa, but it is still in his heart

      . Growing green leaders in Santa Fe

      . Film documentary of Juliane Heyman slated for film festival screening

      . On the NPCA Bulletin board: Opportunity to build hurricane-damaged
      houses in S. Carolina, looking for RPCVs in Paris, trainee looking for
      affordable soar power, nominations open for $10K tech innovator

      . Seeking: Jim Sweet (Nepal), Jim Jacobs (Peru); Julie Leslie Warner
      (Guatemala), Tom Carter (Peru)...more

      . On the NPCA Calendar: RPCVs of South Florida Everglades Outing, New
      Mexico/Colorado Ski Trip, Friends of Fiji Potluck, Friends of Dominican
      Republic 45th Anniversary celebration...

      . Peace Corps community news clippings updated daily!

      . Making a Difference -- Stories from our Community


      *It's Not Too Early to Start Thinking about NPCA's National Day of Action*

      Make plans to participate in NPCA's third annual National Day of Action,
      scheduled for Thursday, March 1st. Click here
      <http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1124> to learn
      how you can get involved!


      *Did You Know...*

      /WorldView/ magazine is available online!

      That's right. Many of the stories that you enjoy in print format are
      also Web accessible. Plus, you can read "Dispatches" - Web-only stories
      from the developing world.

      worldviewmagazine.com <http://www.worldviewmagazine.com>


      *Board Nominations*

      Nominations to the NPCA Board of Directors open on Monday, January 22.
      Check the NPCA website for details starting next week.


      kids connect with kids...
      all around the world

      *www.katw.org* <http://www.katw.org>


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