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Puente de la Costa Sur - Executive Director Position

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    The current Executive Director is a former VISTA volunteer who, I believe, has worked with Peace Corps Volunteers in the past. Puente de la Costa Sur Executive
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      The current Executive Director is a former VISTA volunteer who, I believe, has worked with Peace Corps Volunteers in the past.

      Puente de la Costa Sur

      Executive Director Position Description

      Title: Executive Director
      Work Week: Full time exempt position, some weekends and evenings are required
      Salary: $50,000-$60,000 plus benefits
      Reports to: Puente de la Costa Sur Board of Directors
      Available: January 1, 2007

      Puente de la Costa Sur is a small, grassroots, faith-based, nonprofit organization located in Pescadero, California. It provides safety-net services to Mexican immigrant men working on the South Coast of San Mateo County, particularly those without families in the US, and seeks to build bridges between the workers and the larger community.

      Job Summary
      The Executive Director provides overall administrative and programmatic leadership of
      the organization in accordance with the direction, policies, and objectives set by the
      Board. The Executive Director’s role includes:
      • Demonstrating a passion, patience, and inspiration for the mission and purpose
      • Working with the Board, to set the strategy and direction for Puente, involving all
      key community stakeholders
      • Acting as the primary interface to the Board, ensuring regular reporting on
      program, fundraising, and financial management activities
      • Establishing an environment of trust and respect for all Puente clients, partners,
      employees, and the community—residents, growers, businesses, and agencies
      • Maintaining personal contacts with the clients and key stakeholders
      • Providing leadership in all aspects of Puente operations

      • Understands and is actively involved in providing and supporting Puente’s
      services to its clients
      • Provides one-to-one and group counseling and crisis management services as
      needed and appropriate
      • Oversees the creation and implementation of a fundraising plan to include raising
      funds from diverse sources (foundations, faith communities, individuals) through
      a variety of strategies—grant writing, relationship building, and an ability to
      network and communicate with donors and expand the donor base
      • Oversees the financial management of the organization, including creating and
      managing budgets
      • Recruits, trains, and supervises staff (Fund Development/Office Manager and the
      Outreach Worker), interns, and volunteers
      • Is the primary contact for all media and participates in the creation of all Puente
      publications (newsletter, website, etc.)
      • Serves as the visible face and voice of Puente as needed in presentations, key
      meetings, etc. and in this capacity leads tours and immersion groups to increase
      awareness of Puente’s programs and the needs of the clients
      • Ensures that HR policies and practices are aligned with legal obligations and the
      culture of Puente
      • Serves on the program committee and provides direct support to programs as
      appropriate (La Sala, Puente meals, Second Harvest, Spanish language class, etc.)
      • Collaborates and provides referrals to related safety-net organizations in the area
      as appropriate

      Skills Required
      • Demonstrated success in a direct service outreach position for at least three years
      • Fluency in Spanish
      • Experience designing, planning, delivering, and evaluating dynamic and flexible
      programs to carry out Puente’s mission
      • Understanding of fundamentals of fundraising and financial management
      • Strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills
      • Fundamental knowledge of counseling and crisis intervention practices
      • Strong facilitation, mediation, and collaborative skills
      • Cultural competency; understanding of the rural farming community—workers,
      especially Mexican immigrants, and farmers/growers.
      • Knowledge of immigration process and issues
      • Computer literacy
      • Awareness of and ability to learn about the relevant local, County, and State
      political systems and their impact Puente’s work
      • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a relevant area of study

      Personal Characteristics
      • Ability to bridge social justice and social action, from issues of immigration
      politics to safety-net services, such as food and shelter for the clients
      • Pastoral sensitivity—good listening skills and confidentiality
      • Outgoing personality—openness to the various facets of the community; ability to
      carry the message of Puente to faith, community, and political groups
      • Ability to work as a team player with the staff, Board, volunteers, and the
      • Desire and ability to empathize with and work with a variety of points of view:
      growers, ranchers, men alone, community residents, families, etc.
      • Flexibility and availability; residency on the South Coast preferred

      To apply for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter to:
      Regina Neu, Nonprofit Consultant
      C/o Liz Chapman, PO Box 730, La Honda, CA 94020

      Ben Bellows, Betsy Gilliland and Holly Dreier
      Your eConnection Team

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