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Peace out of chaos? Imagine it!

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  • Mike Abkin
    The world s situation today is precarious, to say the least, particularly in the Middle East but elsewhere as well. We seem to be in a state of deepening
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      The world's situation today is precarious, to say the least, particularly in
      the Middle East but elsewhere as well. We seem to be in a state of deepening
      chaos, in which the future course is dangerous and unpredictable. But there
      is hope.

      As with all chaos situations, there is at the same time great opportunity
      for creative potential to emerge that can move us toward a long-term world
      of peace for everyone's children and grandchildren. The invitation I would
      like to extend to you today is in the "opportunity" category, and
      specifically asks children all over the world to have a say in what kind of
      world they would like to see for themselves and their own children and

      In 1971, John Lennon invited the world to "Imagine all the people living
      life in peace...". Yes, imagine. What would it be like to be "living life in
      peace"? Everyday life, that is, in the schools, families, streets, and
      playgrounds of our towns - as well as in the world of nations at large.

      The Peace Alliance Foundation is partnering with the Dalai Lama Foundation,
      Voices in Wartime, and Opening of the Heart in the launch of a new project,
      called Imagine a Culture of Peace: Impressions of Youth. We are inviting
      young people (ages 5-25) all over the world to send us their artistic
      impressions of what a culture of peace could look like -- as poems, essays,
      photo journals, paintings, sculptures, drama scripts, drawings, etc. --
      which we will put on our Imagine a Culture of Peace website (
      <http://www.imagineacultureofpeace.org/> www.imagineacultureofpeace.org).

      The goal is for these contributions from young people to seed dialogues on
      the web and in living rooms, classrooms, places of worship, and community
      centers everywhere about what a culture of peace is and how we can live it.
      There is information about this project at the Peace Alliance Foundation web
      A flyer for the project is attached.

      So, check out the website ( <http://www.imagineacultureofpeace.org/>
      www.imagineacultureofpeace.org), and please help us get the word out to
      teachers, parents, and young people everywhere -- and help populate the
      website and get the dialogues going!

      And we are seeking volunteers to serve as reviewers of Imagine a Culture of
      Peace material sent in for suitability for display on the website.
      Guidelines and training will be available. Let me know if you or someone you
      know would like this beautiful task. It's kind of nice to think of people
      reviewing the submissions and being moved by them as they do so. This human
      relationship between reviewer and content and, by reference, the young
      contributor will have, I am sure, wonderful unforeseen ripples in its own


      In peace always,

      Mike Abkin, Operations Manager
      The Peace Alliance Foundation
      <http://www.peacealliancefound.org/> www.peacealliancefound.org

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