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Fwd: employment policies for Peace Corps service during local government employment

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  • Ben Bellows
    hi bay area RPCVs, this topic came up on a NPCA affiliate group leaders listserv asking about local government policies for extended leave or time-off for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
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      hi bay area RPCVs,

      this topic came up on a NPCA affiliate group leaders listserv asking
      about local government policies for extended leave or time-off for
      mid-career opportunities like PC service.

      if you have experience or knowledge on local government leave
      policies, please contact Zeida in the email below.


      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Helene Dudley <helenedudley@...>
      Date: Feb 28, 2006 6:20 PM
      Subject: employment benefits for RPCVs
      To: NPCA Group Leaders <groupleaders@...>

      Dear Group Leaders..

      At the Miami Open House last Saturday, someone suggested petitioning
      our local county government to make it easier for county employees to
      take time off in mid-career to serve in the Peace Corps. When I
      re-upped in 1997, I had to quit my county job. Upon return, I had to
      interview and come in as a new employee with no seniority. To assist
      us in changing this policy, we would like information as to how job
      interruptions for PC service are handled elsewhere.

      1. Please identify the city, county or state for which you are
      presenting information.

      2. Does this city/county/state government provide any employment
      benefits to returned PC volunteers?

      3. Does the city/county/state hold a job for PCVs or must they quit
      and reapply?

      4. If there are benefits or sabbaticals offered, how did this policy
      come about?

      Please send information to Zeida at zeida4@....

      Thanks for any information and suggestions you can provide..

      Helene Dudley,
      Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of South Florida,
      RPCV Colombia 68-70, Albania/Slovakia 97-99

      Helene Dudley
      2151 SW 17 St
      Miami, Fl 33145-2117
      305 856-5573

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      Ben Bellows
      PhD student
      Epidemiology Division
      School of Public Health
      University of California, Berkeley
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