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[NPCANews] E-Newsletter for October 2005

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    Volume 2, Issue 9 www.peacecorpsconnect.org October 2005 *Progress Being Made on Peace Corps/Military Recruitment Issue* Twenty-one
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      Volume 2, Issue 9

      www.peacecorpsconnect.org <http://www.rpcv.org>

      October 2005

      *Progress Being Made on Peace Corps/Military Recruitment Issue*

      Twenty-one Congressional representatives have now co-sponsored
      legislation to remove Peace Corps service as an option under the
      National Call to Service military recruitment program. (Click here
      <http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d109:HR03709:@@@P> for the
      current list of co-sponsors.)

      Meanwhile, the issue continues to garner national media attention. Op-ed
      pieces by NPCA President Kevin Quigley and former Peace Corps director
      Mark Gearan have appeared this past month in the /Chicago Tribune/ and
      /New York Times/ respectively, and Kevin was interviewed on a
      Seattle-area radio program.

      For comprehensive, updated background information, media links, and
      information on how you can make your voice heard, click here

      If you are willing to take additional action aimed at getting your
      representative to co-sponsor this important legislation, contact the
      NPCA advocacy program at advocacy@... <mailto:advocacy@...>.

      *Vermont Open House Kicks Off
      "45 for the 45th" Anniversary Celebrations*

      Join the Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) on
      November 4 from 6:00-8:00 pm for an Open House on the campus of the
      School for International Training <http://www.sit.edu/about.html> (SIT)
      in Brattleboro, VT. Optional workshops will precede the Open House from
      5:00 - 6:00 p.m.

      In addition to kicking off NPCA's planned series of 45 anniversary
      events around the country to celebrate 45 years of Peace Corps service,
      this event will also celebrate the longstanding connection between SIT,
      the Peace Corps and NPCA. Carol Bellamy (Guatemala 1963-65 and Peace
      Corps Director 1993-95), whose presidency of World Learning Inc.
      encompasses SIT, will be the featured speaker.

      All returned volunteers, prospective volunteers, family and friends of
      the Peace Corps community, and anyone interested in learning more about
      Peace Corps and the NPCA are welcome to this and future Open House events.

      For more information and to RSVP, click here

      *RPCVs Respond to Hurricane Disaster;
      More Crisis Corps Volunteers Needed*

      Thanks to NPCA's help in "getting the word out," Peace Corps received
      over 1,000 inquiries from returned volunteers wanting to volunteer with
      their Crisis Corps in the hurricane-affected Gulf Coast region. Crisis
      Corps ultimately placed over 200 volunteers, and they have proven so
      successful that FEMA has requested an additional 200 volunteers for
      30-day assignments, departing between now and December 14, 2005.

      To find out how you can apply--and for further information on our
      community's response to the hurricanes--visit the Hurricane Katrina
      Response <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1242> landing page
      on our Web site.

      *The People Speak:
      Be Part of the Conversation*

      What do RPCVs Robert Foster (in New Mexico), Krista Muddle (in
      Maryland), Amanda Rader (in Arizona) and Sarah Streed (in Wisconsin) all
      have in common?

      They are among the many members of our community who are helping to
      organize The People Speak <http://www.thepeoplespeak.org/about.asp>
      forums. For the second year in a row, the NPCA is partnering with The
      People Speak to promote non-partisan community conversations on global
      matters. This year's programs explore the relationship between the
      United States and the United Nations on issues such as war and conflict,
      poverty hunger and health, and the environment.

      November is a big month for People Speak forums around the country.
      Click here <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1264> for a
      listing of some of the programs being organized by RPCVs and other
      groups. There's still plenty of time to act. Take your first step by
      filling out our participation survey
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/survey.cfm?id=40> today.

      *Mentor a Teen Activist*

      NPCA invites you to support exceptional high school student leaders
      selected each year to join NetAid's Global Citizen Corps. We are seeking
      individuals for four sets of roles: one-on-one mentor, online moderator,
      conference call moderator and connection to the field. Interested? Click
      here <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1221> for more
      information. Final deadline for responses: November 18.

      Fast for a World Harvest 2005

      In the past year NPCA has joined forces with Oxfam America to advocate
      for fair trade for the world's poor farmers. NPCA is also part of a
      network of organizations sponsoring Oxfam's annual Fast for a World
      Harvest, turning concern about poverty and hunger into action.

      By participating in the Fast, you support Oxfam's efforts to address the
      underlying poverty in East Biloxi, in East Asia, and around the world.
      And by sharing the Fast with others, you support Oxfam's efforts to
      bring to light the everyday emergency of poverty around the world and
      right here in our own backyard.

      There are lots of ways to get involved that make a difference - from
      donations to simple fundraisers to hosting an Oxfam Hunger Banquet.
      Oxfam will provide you with everything you need to build the program
      that's right for your group, including ideas, free tools and resources.
      You'll find everything you need at www.oxfamamerica.org/fast

      Together, we can make a difference!


      *In This Issue*

      . Progress Being Made on Peace Corps/Military Recruitment Issue <#11>

      . Vermont Open House Kicks Off "45 for the 45th" Anniversary
      Celebrations <#22>

      . RPCVs Respond to Hurricane Disaster; More Crisis Corps Volunteers
      Needed <#33>

      . The People Speak: Be Part of the Conversation <#44>

      . Mentor a Teen Activist <#55>

      . Fast for a World Harvest 2005 <#66>

      . Peace Corps Community in the News <#88>


      *Peace Corps Community News*

      . Kevin Quigley, Mark Gearan speak out in op-eds against Peace
      Corps/military recruiting linkage

      . Peace Corps has highest numbers in 30 years

      . Amy Hamelin (Mali) safe after Kashmir quake

      . Julie Newman (Guatemala) heads Yale's Office of Sustainability

      . Nancy Osborne (Armenia) Helps Katrina Victims
      Other hurricane relief stories, click here

      . Wallace Goode, Jr. (Solomons, CAR) to lead Univ. of Chicago Community
      Service Center

      . Eileen Healy (Fiji) made a "Mid-life Course Correction"
      <http://www.bonitanews.com/news/2005/oct/09/forks_road/> (scroll down)

      . Obituary: TV producer, writer James W. Kennedy (Liberia)

      . On the NPCA bulletin board...Reports from the field by Crisis Corps
      volunteers <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/msghome.cfm?category=13>.

      . On the NPCA Calendar this month...Fall gathering; community service
      event; RPCV Film Festival; more.... <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/calendar.cfm>

      . Daily Peace Corps community news clippings


      *Looking for another tough job to love?*

      Visit NPCA's interactive online career center at /www.rpcv.org/careers/
      <http://www.rpcv.org/careers>. You'll find job search resources, job
      listings and more!


      kids connect with kids...
      all around the world

      *www.katw.org* <http://www.katw.org>


      *Peace Corps Fund Celebrates Lives of Service*

      On September 29 Caroline Kennedy joined more than 500 returned Peace
      Corps volunteers, friends, families and supporters at a gala event in
      New York City to celebrate the Peace Corps Fund's
      <http://www.peacecorpsfund.org/> first annual fundraiser and to honor
      five RPCV teachers in the New York City public school system. The Fund
      intends to offer grants to former Peace Corps Volunteers and RPCV groups
      to support "Third Goal" projects.


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