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[NPCANews] E-newsletter for March 2005

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  • National Peace Corps Association
    National Peace Corps Association Volume 2, Issue 3 www.rpcv.org March 2005 * Global Challenge, San Diego Open House Cap Peace Corps Week
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      National Peace Corps Association

      Volume 2, Issue 3

      www.rpcv.org <http://www.rpcv.org>

      March 2005

      *"Global Challenge," San Diego Open House
      Cap Peace Corps Week 2005*

      Returned Peace Corps volunteers everywhere took part in activities to
      celebrate the 44th anniversary of the founding of Peace Corps and its
      amazing legacy of service. In Washington, DC the NPCA organized Global
      Challenge: A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1121> for 75 Washington,
      DC-area Girl Scouts. The event was a great success: girls were overheard
      discussing where /they/ would like to be volunteers someday...

      On the West coast, NPCA co-hosted an Open House for returned and
      prospective volunteers at the University of California at San Diego.
      More than 150 people gathered to reconnect (or connect for the first
      time) and learn more about Peace Corps and NPCA activities. Open Houses
      are planned for Houston and Cleveland this spring--check here
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1091> for details.

      *NPCA Mobilizes Support for Peace Corps;
      Action on Agricultural Subsidies Planned*

      Chris Elbich (Bulgaria 99-02) (and child!) spent part of March 1st,
      Peace Corps Day, at the University of Pennsylvania, collecting
      signatures in support of Peace Corps. Click here
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1124> to read how he and
      other RPCVs took action during the first National Day of Action in
      Support of Peace Corps.

      Meanwhile, U.S. agricultural subsidies and their impact on farmers in
      developing nations is one part of a Global Week of Action on Fair Trade
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1126> planned for April 14th.
      Learn more about the NPCA's collaboration with /Oxfam America/ on trade
      justice issues--and get involved!

      *Board Nominations Open*

      Nominations to serve as an elected representative on the NPCA board are
      open until April 15, with elections scheduled to be held during the
      month of May. To learn more about this important way to serve the Peace
      Corps community, visit www.rpcv.org/elections
      <http://www.rpcv.org/elections> where you'll find an overview of the
      election process, including length of term and nomination forms.

      *Telling Stories with Images:
      RPCV Filmmakers*

      Suddenly RPCV filmmakers seem to be everywhere-- with recent Oscar
      nominees Taylor Hackford (Bolivia) and Douglas Biklen (Sierra Leone)
      serving as only the most prominent examples. Click here
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=1123&ref=&fin=2> to read more
      about some unsung RPCVs who are promoting the values of Peace Corps
      through film.

      *Don't Be "Lost"... Be Listed,
      in the Peace Corps Alumni Directory*

      Harris Publishing and NPCA have partnered again to produce a 25th
      anniversary directory of the Peace Corps community.

      If you would like to add yourself, your spouse, or ensure that your RPCV
      friends receive notification, call Harris Publishing at 800-414-4608.
      For those of you living abroad, please email the following information
      to customerservice@...
      <mailto:customerservice@...> : full name, country and years
      of service, email address, phone number, postal address, and present job
      details. The deadline for updating and purchase is May 16th, 2005.

      Although it is optional, please note that Harris is also selling
      hard-copy and CD-ROM (PC version only) format directories to each NPCA
      caller. The NPCA Directory will be a great resource for you to reconnect
      with old friends, meet fellow alumni living nearby, and select
      participation in any of the affiliated groups that capture your
      particular interests.

      This forthcoming NPCA Alumni Directory is our most powerful tool to
      receive up-to-date information on our membership-at-large. As the
      Directory is only published every five years, this is an important
      opportunity to obtain more accurate, reliable data from returned
      PeaceCorps volunteers. Thank you for your willingness to participate!

      *Make Your Plans NOW
      to Visit Vietnam with Global TeachNet*

      //The National Peace Corps Association is collaborating with /Friendship
      Force International/ and /The Fund for Reconciliation and Development/
      to organize a trip to Vietnam for educators in July 2005. Live with
      families in Hanoi, visit schools and universities in the Mekong Delta
      and Hue, meet teachers and partake of cultural activities. An optional
      extension to Laos and Cambodia will also be available.

      Click here <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=205> for
      application and program details. Then click here
      <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=29> to read about the NPCA's
      past trips coordinated through Friendship Force. Plans must be finalized
      in April. Register today!

      *Global and Peace Educator
      Awards Announced*

      Each year, Global TeachNet recognizes K-12 educators who exhibit a
      commitment to bringing global issues into U.S. classrooms. The 2004-2005
      winners are:

      Global Educator Award:

      * Vicki Stroud Gonterman, K-5 International/Global Studies, Gibbs
      Magnet School of International Studies & Foreign Languages, Little
      Rock, AR
      * Patricia Touchette Hutchinson (Tonga), Gifted 3-8 Pullout,
      Leadership & Media, Cottonwood Middle School, Cottonwood, AZ

      Peace Educator Award:

      * Martin Haber, Special Education Resource Room and College Now
      Humanities, John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, NY

      Recipients receive $500 and national recognition. Profiles of the
      winners will be posted to the Global TeachNet Web site
      <http://www.rpcv.org/globaled> and will be published in the Global
      TeachNet newsletter. Congratulations to our winners!

      *Director's Circle Weekend*

      Forty-five members of the NPCA's Director's Circle spent the weekend of
      March 11-12 socializing, exploring DC's newest museum, discussing NPCA
      and Peace Corps directions, and contemplating the Peace Corps
      community's role in such topics as the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the U.S.
      legislative process. To learn how you can become a part of this valued
      group of NPCA supporters, contact Membership Manager Stephanie Jowers at
      membership@... <mailto:membership@...>.


      *In This Issue*

      "Global Challenge," San Diego Open House Cap Peace Corps Week 2005 <#11>

      NPCA Mobilizes Support for Peace Corps; Action on Agricultural
      Subsidies Planned <#22>

      Board Nominations Open <#33>

      Telling Stories with Images: RPCV Filmmakers <#44>

      Don't Be "Lost"... Be Listed in the Peace Corps Alumni Directory <#55>

      Make your Plans NOW to Visit Vietnam with Global TeachNet <#66>

      Global Peace Educator Awards Announced <#77>

      Director's Circle Weekend <#88>

      Peace Corps Community in the News <#99>


      Show your Peace Corps Pride...

      Wear Peace Corps Logo Merchandise

      and shop to support <http://www.rpcv.org/pages/sitepage.cfm?id=42> the NPCA


      *Peace Corps Community News*

      . First Crisis Corps volunteers leave for Thailand

      . Liz Richardson (Togo) wins $15K Vanity Fair magazine writing prize

      . Laura Geronimo (Burkina Faso) fights for migrant labor rights

      . Maine Governor salutes RPCVs during Peace Corps Week

      . Alaska RPCVs press for state Permanent Fund benefit

      . Photographer Bill Owens (Jamaica) casts sharp eye on leisure in
      suburbia <http://www.sfbg.com/39/22/art_art_suburbia.html>

      . In memorium: Coates Redmon--early Peace Corps staffer, PC chronicler

      . Daily Peace Corps community news clippings


      *Looking for another tough job to love?*

      Visit NPCA's interactive online career center at /www.rpcv.org/careers/


      kids connect with kids...
      all around the world

      *www.katw.org* <http://www.katw.org>


      *Know of a Senior RPCV Making a Difference?*

      The Atlanta Regional Peace Corps Office is accepting nominations for The
      Lillian Carter Award, which honors an outstanding senior Peace Corps
      volunteer. The mother of former President Jimmy Carter, Miss Lillian
      joined the Peace Corps in 1966 as a public health volunteer in India.

      Nominees must have served in Peace Corps as a senior (age 50 and older);
      shown commitment to Peace Corps' third goal and, once selected, be
      available to receive the award at the Carter Center in Atlanta.
      Nomination deadline is April 8, 2005 . For more information, contact
      John Eaves, Regional Manager at jeaves@...
      <mailto:jeaves@...> or 404-562-3471.


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