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Project Peace/Day of Peace- April 13th

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  • Pat Phillips
    A Project Peace Day of Peace is coming up April 13th!!  9 a.m.-12 p.m.- come for what you are able Coffee and bagels provided at all sites on a first come
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      Project Peace Day of Peace is coming up April 13th!! 
      9 a.m.-12 p.m.- come for what you are able
      Coffee and bagels provided at all sites on a first come first served basis

      Berkeley Sites- 
      LeConte- 17 spots left
      Friends of Five Creeks Shore Line Clean Up (near Seabreeze Café and Berkeley Marina)- 23 spots left. Finish up with the Berkeley Bay Festival!

      Oakland Sites-
      Claremont Middle- 70 spots left
      Emerson Elementary- 16 spots left
      West Oakland Train Station- 24 spots left not suitable for kids, limited bathroom access

      Castro Valley Site- 
      Marshall Elementary- nearly sold out!! Only 5 spots left!

      The last Day of Peace 239 volunteers donated 717 hours to the community by linking up community members, churches, and local service providers.  

      I realize your congregation is heavily involved in justice issues close to home as well as serving the communities you live in.  I am encouraged by the local church leading in both areas and hope a Day of Peace is an opportunity for those in your congregation who may be hesitant to serve, need to start small with a morning working alongside others or are simply too busy to commit to a regular service opportunity.  

      Here is a glimpse at how a Day of Peace can benefit the communities we live in: 
      • Last year Project Peace mobilized nearly 600 volunteers and provided  over 1,600 service hours at 4 Days of Peace
      • A Day of Peace is an incredible opportunity to bring along friends/colleagues who are not interested in church, but want to serve.  Serving alongside people who do go to church can offer a glimpse into the life of a Christian and be a possible stepping stone into conversations of faith.  
      • Great opportunity to help severely underfunded local schools and social service providers get an incredible amount of work done for free
      • Project Peace is able to be the hands and feet of the church without being off putting to service providers.  Every time we host a Day of Peace service providers are absolutely blown away that people unconnected to them would donate their time.  
      • Recently read a book about children/service learning and appreciated this comment, "Service involvement changes children and helps clarify their values.  They realize their capacity to give, and they learn patience and compassion.  Service becomes a part of children's identity; they come to see volunteering as part of who they are and what they do." Bring your kids- bring their scooters, bikes, chalk, whatever to help them have fun serving.   
      Ways you can help: 
      • Consider promoting the Day of Peace in your liturgy or at your service in some way
      • Letting small groups know about the event and encourage people to REGISTER
      • Attend a Day of Peace to see the impact a large scale work day can have at a service provider
      • Share/invite your friends on Facebook
       Also, I would love to talk about hosting a Day of Peace at a service provider your congregation is involved in serving in the future.  Let me know if you have something in mind and I would be happy to work on details together.  I am hoping to locate sites in North Berkeley/Albany, Alameda, and Oakland.  

       If you have an questions, please, don't hesitate to be in touch. 

      Thanks for your help promoting and look forward to seeing you at the Day of Peace!


      Jen McKillips
      Executive Director 
      Project Peace East Bay

      What is Project Peace?  
      Some of you may be wondering about Project Peace.  For a full description see the website. 

       Project Peace East Bay has been active in Berkeley and Oakland since 2006, and was officially incorporated as a 501(c)3 California nonprofit in December 2007.  Project Peace was founded by Christ Church East Bay.  

      Project Peace exists to create partnerships between local churches and services that work together for just and sustainable communities in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas.

      What exactly is a Day of Peace? 

      A Day of Peace is a coordinated effort by Project Peace East Bay to bring together local faith-based groups, non-profit organizations, and East Bay social service providers in order to promote the common good of our East Bay communities through quarterly volunteer serviceopportunities.  Project Peace's hope is that through these partnerships our local East Bay communities will become more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.  A Day of Peace is an opportunity for people from very different backgrounds to come together simply to love and serve our shared community. Whether you are a friend, neighbor, colleague, someone who cares very deeply about the agency that is being served, or someone who just wants to make new friends, the Day of Peace is a great place for you to get connected into working towards more sustainable communities.

       Days of Peace are not overtly religious projects (there is no teaching or prayer), and the agencies and organizations served are not faith-based non-profits. Thus, a Day of Peace creates an opportunity for churched and unchurched, spiritual and secular, religious and a-religious alike to come together simply to love and serve our shared community.  

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