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RPCV Erik Scheller announcing Rotary-- GSE Program to FINLAND!

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  • Erik Scheller
    Hello Fellow RPCVs Over the last few years I usually send one message nearly every year and it is the announcement of Rotary District 5150 s (San Francisco,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2012

    Hello Fellow RPCVs


    Over the last few years I usually send one message nearly every year and it is the announcement of Rotary District 5150's (San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo Counties) Group Study Exchange (GSE).  The format of this program will likely be changing in upcoming years but for now it is as it has been.  The GSE trip will be to Finland from March 18 to April 15, 2013.  Notice the application date is very soon!


    The flyer attached and the message below explains the program somewhat.


    I am only signed up for the San Francisco, North Bay, and NorCAL PCA Yahoo groups so Jayma can you forward to your East Bay group and if the other area group board representatives thing it would be of interest forward it as well.  Keep in mind, although you may not qualify for this particular district's GSE program, you are very likely qualified for a different district's GSE program and from what I understand all districts around here have GSE programs. 


    If you have questions about this program or Rotary, do not hesitate to contact me.  I became a Rotarian at the Rotary Club of Fisherman's Wharf immediately after my GSE trip to the Philippines in 2000.  Since then there have been a handful of RPCVs who have gone on GSE trips.  I have yet to meet someone that did not think the GSE trip was amazing.


    Erik P. Scheller

    Rotarian, RPCV Ghana

    44 Martin Drive

    Novato, CA 94949

    Tel: 415.260.7006

    Fax: 415.276.3033

    Email: eriks@...


    From: christine_goodin@...
    To: christine_goodin@...
    Subject: Professional Exchange Program to FINLAND !
    Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 08:49:07 -0700


    Good morning fellow Rotarians! 

    I need your help in getting the word out! We are recruiting applicants for another stellar Group Study Exchange team our Rotary district will send to FINLAND !


    Our district is looking for young professionals between the ages of 25 and 40, who live OR work in Marin, San Francisco or San Mateo Counties . (Example: you can live in Alameda , but work in San Francisco ; or live in Novato and work in Petaluma .)


    Team Members can not be directly related to a Rotarian and Team Leaders must be a Rotarian in District 5150.
    Please see the attached
    informational flyer for details regarding our upcoming exchange. 
    We are currently welcoming applications for team member and team leader candidates! Please circulate to anyone you feel would be qualified and interested. The application deadline for all candidates is September 9. Interviews will be held on Sept 22 for all team candidates.

    All questions and completed applications can be directed to me at any time...starting NOW! THANK YOU to everyone for your interest in the Group Study Exchange program to FINLAND !

    Thank you and enjoy your week!

    --Christine Goodin
    Rotary District 5150 GSE Chair




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