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Seeking Client Referrals for Financial Education & Capabilities Program

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  • stephentwatkins
    What s up NorCal Friends: I sure could use your help. I m seeking participants to join an innovative, community-based financial capabilities and
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      What's up NorCal Friends:  I sure could use your help.

      I'm seeking participants to join an innovative, community-based financial capabilities and asset-building program that not only transfers vital financial knowledge, but also builds the key financial skills needed to navigate the financial system.

      Background:  For 38 years, my organization, Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), has pursued economic justice and equity in San Francisco by providing asset development services to the uniquely diverse population of families and businesses that derives its economic, cultural, and spiritual strength from the City's Mission District.

      Financial Education & Capabilities Program:  My program's goal is to induce the types of self-generated behavioral changes in our clients that will result in increased savings, reduced debt-to-income ratios, and raised credit scores.  My program aspires to reach outcomes beyond mere "financial literacy," and "financial education" per se.  We ultimately envision our clients engaging in measurable, improved, and impactful decision-making in the areas of household wealth accumulation and personal financial management.

      MEDA's approach is consistent with our commitment to self-sufficiency:  we use a one-on-one financial coaching methodology intended to nudge our clients toward attaining self-defined financial goals.  We promote practical self-learning and the acquisition and reinforcement of self-sustaining, positive financial management habits.  We draw strength from our alliance with BankOnSF (http://bankonsf.org/) and other key community partners.

      How you can help:  I'm especially seeking referrals from those of you currently working in the government, education, nonprofit social service, and financial services sectors.  Please connect me with those of your constituency who you consider well-positioned to benefit from training in personal financial management.  (By the way, this appeal broadly includes any recipient of this message who feels they may directly benefit.  All are welcome at MEDA.)

      ·         Please tell your clients and networks about MEDA's regular series of Financial Education & Capabilities Workshops covering goal setting, budgeting, savings, and debt, and credit reports (English & Spanish languages offered).


      §  When:  JANUARY 17, 2012, 6.00-8.00p

      §  Where:  2301 Mission Street (Plaza Adelante), Suite 301, San Francisco, CA 94110

      o   To Register:  Call (415) 282-3334x132

      ·         FREE CREDIT REPORT:  Tell your clients they can get their free credit report and analysis at MEDA (a "soft" inquiry including FICO scores)

      ·         Tell your clients about our one-on-one Financial Capabilities Coaching program:  Contact me for more info:  See my contact info below.

      ·         Ideal Clients:  Low- to moderate-income individuals/families in San Francisco.  While MEDA has been an acknowledged leader in achieving service outcomes for Latino families, 2011 was a tough year all around.  Accordingly, we continue to serve SF residents from all backgrounds.  Some have lost their homes; some have had difficulty paying bills (housing, medical, other living expenses).  Some households' credit history took a hit due to un- or under-employment or bankruptcy.  Many of our clients are just seeking a fresh start, rebooting for 2012.

      As for me:  I'm a RPCV with a background in microfinance and small enterprise development.  I have worked overseas for USAID and in the wealth management division of a major investment bank.  I'm really excited about the future potential for this program, based on the track record of similar social enterprises and initiatives.  I'm looking forward to your help to make it happen.

      Thanks for the assist!  Don't hesitate to contact me for more questions.

      Wishing you Peace and prosperity,


      Stephen Watkins


      NorCal Past President (2004-2006)

      Stephen Watkins

      Financial Education Program Lead

      Mission Economic Development Agency

      Main Office: Plaza Adelante

      2301 Mission Street, Suite 301

      San Francisco, CA 94110

      P: 415.282.3334 ext. 122

      F: 415.282.3320




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