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Fwd: UPDATE: East Africa drought becomes famine - help needed

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  • Susan Silber
    Hi RPCV Community - here s an important message from Oxfam, regarding the famine in Africa. I know that many of you served in Africa, so have a personal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2011
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      Hi RPCV Community - here's an important message from Oxfam, regarding the famine in Africa. I know that many of you served in Africa, so have a personal connection to this tragic situation. Please consider a financial contribution to Oxfam (or any other non-profit aiding this cause - please note that I am not at all affiliated with Oxfam).

      Susan Silber
      RPCV Costa Rica

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      From: Raymond C. Offenheiser, Oxfam America <action@...>
      Date: Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 7:41 AM
      Subject: UPDATE: East Africa drought becomes famine - help needed
      To: susansilber07@...

      Susan, I have distressing news: the UN has announced that the hunger emergency in parts of Somalia is now officially a famine – a label reserved for only the most extreme food crises.

      People there are facing severe dehydration and malnutrition. Families are losing children to hunger as they travel weeks at a time in a desperate search for food and water.

      Hundreds of Oxfam supporters are already helping save lives by funding deliveries of emergency food and water to people in need. But as the incredible need in East Africa grows, we're counting on your help – today, so we can save more lives. Please, read last week's message below and donate now to help the people of East Africa in their fight for survival.

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      Dear Susan,

      URGENT: Drought in East Africa is devastating families and communities.

      Help deliver water and life-saving supplies to people in crisis – there's not a minute to lose.

      Donate now.

      Severe drought has pushed 12 million people in East Africa into a struggle for survival. Conditions are deteriorating rapidly, forcing many families to abandon their homes for refugee camps, a journey so difficult many don't survive.

      Oxfam needs your help to deliver critical aid – donate now >>

      In some areas, more than half the livestock has perished, while remaining herds are sick or seriously underweight. But people aren't just worried about their animals anymore – they're fearing for the lives of their children, their families and their neighbors.

      Oxfam is trucking water to villages where all other sources have dried up, digging wells and providing food to people in crisis. As this crisis grows, we MUST rush more life-saving supplies and staff to Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

      Please donate today to make it happen – your gift will save lives!

      • For $100, you can feed a family of six for two weeks – helping them survive and giving them the strength to assist their community.
      • For $175, you can dig a well that will provide drinking water for an entire village. With your gift, we can start right now – in some areas, the closest well is currently 50 kilometers away.

      The funds we raise today will determine how many lives we can save now and how many people we can help later to rebuild their lives.

      Help the people of East Africa in their fight for survival – make a tax-deductible gift now.

      We will ensure that every penny is used to directly help people in East Africa overcome this crisis.

      Thank you in advance for your help. Your generosity can bring hope to people in their most desperate hours.


      Raymond C. Offenheiser

      Raymond C. Offenheiser
      Oxfam America

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