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925opportunity for an RPCV NPR junkie

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  • Sargent, Nathan
    Nov 3, 2009
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      Hi NorCal –

      I have a fun opportunity for one RPCV + a friend/family member to record a conversation next week with Story Corps in
      San Francisco. Story Corps is an oral history project that records conversations between two people who know each other well. Occasionally, an excerpt of the conversations is aired on NPR, which is how most people become familiar with Story Corps. 

      Peace Corps has been offered several recording sessions with Story Corps next week, and we have one session still open on Thursday, Nov. 12 at
      6PM.  You and your conversation partner would both need to be present at the Story Corps booth (at the Jewish Cultural Museum near Powell BART in SF).  The activity takes one hour, and you will be given a CD of your conversation at the end. 


      Once you’re in the recording booth, you two can talk about anything (Story Corps will have a facilitator present in case you need some help getting a conversation going). I’m trying to select partners who have Peace Corps as a central experience to their lives and relationship. 


      If you’re interested, please reply by Wednesday letting me know the names and contact numbers of the participants, as well as a few sentences of how Peace Corps factors into your relationship. If I get many interested I’ll strip out the names and have Raleigh pick his favorite based on the story.

      We hope to find a couple whose story is different than that of our other participants (two people who served as a married couple…   a PCV and host country national who married…   a woman who served 4 times in retirement & the daughter who visited her in each country… two organizers of the LGBT RPCV group  …a woman who can speak to Cal and Peace Corps in the 60s.)    

      If you’re interested or have any questions, please let me know, and sorry for the short notice.  








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