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827Re: [NorCalPCA] Fw: Tell us about your Volunteer and Service Work

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  • Lynne Moquete
    Jun 7, 2009
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      A brief description of the organization:

      The Building Homes Building Hope home building program was started by Lynne Moquete, a former Peace Corps Volunteer who served in the Dominican Republic. Their exposure to another culture encourages them to learn more about themselves and experience how people live in developing nations. Lynne has been recognized for her outstanding service to youth by the California State Legislature and was given an "Excellence in Education" award from the Petaluma School District and Petaluma Chamber of Commerce.


      The type of projects worked on:
      Building Homes Building Hope participants leave their comfortable American surroundings to spend time living with poor families and working in rural areas of the Dominican Republic building homes, throwing floors, building latrines, working in local schools and hospitals.
      Contact info:
      Director, Lynne Moquete - lynne@...

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      Subject: [NorCalPCA] Fw: Tell us about your Volunteer and Service Work
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      Date: Friday, June 5, 2009, 4:51 PM

      Hi RPCVs,

      This request from the local Peace Corps office has a quick turn around time (Monday!), but if you are interested in sharing with the White House how you continue to be engaged in civic life after the Peace Corps and can respond over the weekend, read on.


      Ben Bellows
      Listserve Moderator
      Ecuador, '97-'00

      Considering supporting NorCal with an active paid membership.  Visit either NPCA at https://secure.peacecorpsconnect.org/membership/application  or  NorCalPCA at http://www.norcalpca.org/.

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      Sent: Thursday, June 4, 2009 4:59:29 PM
      Subject: Tell us about your Volunteer and Service Work

      Greetings, RPCVs!


      The White House is working on an initiative to increase civic engagement across the nation.  We would like to collect examples of what our local RPCVs are doing in their communities.  This data is a great way for us to brag about the work all of you are doing!  We need to send the data we collect to HQ by Monday, June 8th so please respond ASAP.


      Please send us information on volunteer/service organizations you are currently involved with and include the following:


      ·         a brief description of the organization (1-2 sentences),

      ·         the type(s) of projects worked on (1-2 sentences), and

      ·         who individuals and/or groups may contact if interested in volunteering. 


      I will be out of the office tomorrow so please send your responses to Recruitment Coordinator Andrew Contreras at acontreras@... as soon as possible.  You may contact him either via the e-mail address provided or 510.452.8450 if you have any questions.


      Thank you all for your continued efforts of the 3rd goal!


      Best regards,


      Annaliza Constantino

      Administrative Clerk

      San Francisco Regional Office

      1301 Clay Street, Suite 620N

      Oakland, CA 94612





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