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542Potential Small Biz/NGO jobs-earnings potential 4 your Host Country contacts!

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  • seamusb32
    Jan 3, 2008
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      From: J.N. "Jim" Boylson, (RPCV, Ethiopia I)
      To: All Members/Associates & Friends, NorCal NPCA Group
      Re: Informational and Request for Action; Potential special
      opportunity to materially assist your contacts in Countries of
      Service, et al, via an essential new program.
      Dear RPCV and PCV Supporter Colleagues –
      First, I take this opportunity to wish all of you/your families
      the very best and fulfillment of your hopes for the coming New Year.

      While patently aware that you don't much care for long e-mails, I'm
      chancing that you may take time from your very busy lives, especially
      on post-holiday schedules, to consider this offer more readily than
      you might if just another routine e-mail message.
      Our mutual good friend and RPCV Colleague, Karen Keefer, has
      advised that you may be "reading more, and enjoying it less", when it
      comes to such messages.
      So, following her strong advice, I'm keeping this Informational and
      Request Memo to the point, consciously omitting many basic essentials.

      Those of you for whom this plea/offer may hold ANY interest, please
      feel free to contact me, by whatever means you prefer, to obtain
      particulars &/or more detailed responses to your questions:

      THE PRESSING NEED(S): I'm now urgently seeking reputable "Host
      Country"(or other related known/connected) contacts; initially,
      primarily in African countries; but longer term, in other developing
      nations as well.
      These should, ideally, be persons that you think may be interested
      in Entrepreneurial &/or Non-Profit venture involvement, & have a
      known sense of commitment to their homeland development/health
      conditions improvement.
      This opportunity specifically involves distribution of our
      relatively new (at least to Africa), appropriate technology
      alternative water purification solution. [Please see footnote for
      directions to added background info. And,FYI; we WILL be making
      Micro-financing of such new business efforts available.]

      We can also critically use any contacts you may have with appropriate
      Governmental Agencies (all levels); &/or well established NGO groups,
      preferably @ Management levels).

      You can find out more about this very dynamic, multi-functional
      product, by going to the proprietary Web Site: @ www.whaintl.com.)
      {NB: One major feature of this unique solution - that I'm sure you'll
      all be pleased to learn of - is that it has neither negative health
      side effects NOR "after-taste/odor". Hence, infants and little
      children - who lack any immunity from water-borne diseases - are now
      most willing to drink it; totally unlike Chlorinated water. The
      number of children in this age group currently dying annually from
      Diarrheic dehydration, alone, is 2.2-Million; 1/2-Million in Africa

      Please forward any names and addresses (including e-mail, if
      available) of such individuals, and I'll contact them; either
      directly or through you, as you prefer. Thanks for any consideration.
      [N.B: If you want to know more about this effort, and did not attend
      my 8/21/07 Commonwealth Club presentation during their month-long
      Water series, please feel free to contact me @ seamusb32@... or
      atac-iunltd@...;, or see Skoll Foundation's "SocialEdge"
      newsletter of 8/21/07.] JNB
      PUREWATER Associates International, Ltd.,* And… H2O-4Africa, Inc.,*/**
      {*Rep.Agents for WHA International, Inc's., "SilverDYNE® -"Purifying
      the World, One Drop at a Time"©;**NPO Affiliate. WHAI & Associates
      are Members of UN/WHO "Home Healthy Water Network".}
      Comm. Coordinates: Post, %1775 Milmont Dr., Ste. N-208, Milpitas, CA
      95035-3050; Primary TeleCom @#408-881-3312(Mobile);
      Fax/LLine# 408-262-2255/263-6334. Field/Assoc's. Offices in:
      Florence,Italy; Addis Ababa,Ethiopia; Nairobi,Kenya; Daccar,Ghana.)