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1422Re: [NorCalPCA] Brazilian choro music master comes to the Bay Area

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  • Dean M. Gottehrer
    Jun 3, 2014
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      A brief reminder if you don't already have your tickets to hear this extraordinary Brazilian mandolinist at Kuumbwa on Thursday, June 5, at 7 pm, that tickets are available at:


      You can see a photo of Danilo there, learn more about him and follow a link to buy tickets to the show.

      If you haven't watched him yet, you can see Danilo on YouTube at: Quando me Lembro and Sussuarana and Danilo and Carlos Moura (the 7-string guitar player who will be with him at Kuumbwa) on Expansiva and Valsa Vermelha.

      On May 18, 2014, at 7:35 PM, 'Dean M. Gottehrer' deang@... [NorCalPCA] <NorCalPCA@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      From two former Peace Corp Volunteers in Santa Cruz to the Bay Area RPCV Community: We first met Danilo Brito at The Mandolin Symposium at UCSC a number of years ago and have become good friends. From personal experience we say: Don't miss the opportunity to hear him perform.  He is supremely talented.  If you're not able to attend his June 5 Kuumbwa concert and would like to know of other concerts in the Bay area where you can hear him during the month of June, please let us know.  We look forward to having a good RPCV representation!  Dean and Sheila

      IN-PERSON CONCERT featuring

      DANILO BRITO, Brazilian choro mandolinist

      Thursday, June 5, 2014, at 7:00 PM

      Kuumbwa Jazz Center, 320-2 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

      $20/Adv  $25/Door
      Doors and dinner beginning at 6:00 PM
      “… supremely gifted…” – Mandolin Magazine

      Danilo Brito is important to the world of music both for his extraordinary musicianship, and for the unique musical and cultural tradition he promulgates through his work.

      Danilo is a mandolin master of choro, a Brazilian musical genre that combines rhythm, melody, counterpoints and improvisation, demanding considerable technique of its players and composers. It was born in the 1870s, based on Classical European music and influenced by African rhythms. Choro is to Brazil what jazz is to the United States. Choro is considered the first characteristically Brazilian genre of urban popular music. The literal translation of the word is “to cry,” but its use in naming this music is figurative and points to its emotive power. More often bright than blue, the music is marked by syncopation, counterpoint, improvisation and virtuosity.

      Danilo’s is the quintessential story of a child prodigy. At the age of 3, he took his father’s mandolin from a chair and played separate strings clearly and at the age of 5, surprised everyone by playing the melody from the song Delicado, by Waldir Azevedo. At the age of 19, Brito entered the most prestigious awards competition for Brazilian music, the Prêmio Visa de Musica Popular Brasileira. 514 artists entered the competition, and Danilo won. The prize included a purse of $80,000 and an all-expenses paid new album.

      Danilo went on to record several albums receiving rave reviews. “Can anyone imagine a mandolinist who is the perfect synthesis of Jacob do Bandolim’s sensitivity and technique and Luperce’s verve?” asked Brazilian journalist Luis Nassif. “Behold Danilo Brito, barely out of diapers and already one of the best mandolin players in history.”

      Among the many presenters that have invited Danilo to perform is the Mandolin Symposium in California led by Mike Marshall and David Grisman. The depth of Danilo’s first visit in 2007 has led to four returns including 2014. David Grisman puts his admiration simply, “The guy is a master.” Danilo will make his second appearance this summer at Spoleto Festival USA 2014 in Charleston, SC.

      Check out Danilo on YouTube at: Quando me Lembro and Sussuarana and watch Danilo and Carlos on Expansiva and Valsa Vermelha.

      Then join us in Santa Cruz at Kuumbwa Jazz Center to hear this unique Brazilian mandolinist.

      Dean and Sheila Gottehrer
      Colombia Educational Television RPCVs, 65-68

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