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NorCal selling 2014 RPCV International Calendars

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      2014 International Calendars Available (while supplies last)

      The Madison, WI, RPCV group produces a spectacular calendar each year.
      This stunning calendar not only features photos of people in Peace Corps
      countries, but also many interesting facts about the countries and special
      events to commemorate every day of the year. You can see the photos
      streaming along the bottom of the website at http://www.rpcvcalendar.org
      Clicking on one of the photos takes you to a larger picture and
      information about the country.
      Calendars are $12.00 each + shipping

      Mailing costs:
      1 calendar - add $3.00 for mailing
      2-5 calendars - add $6.00 for mailing
      For more than 5 calendars, contact Susan Neyer at: susanneyer@...

      Send Checks to:
      Susan Neyer
      1701 Lilac Dr.
      Walnut Creek, CA 94595

      Proceeds from Calendars sales go to supporting the NorCalPCA Grants program.