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Re: Junior FLL Kit

If you don't get any other offers, let me know. On Apr 27, 2015 8:52 PM, "ashatara78@... [NorCalJrFLL]"
Sherri Taylor
Apr 28

Re: Junior FLL Kit

You can purchase WeDo curriculum on the Lego Education site that contains many great projects for kids. We use it as part of our homeschool but it could be a
Jen Vawter
Apr 28

Junior FLL Kit

Folks It was a great season and expo. The kids really loved it. We are wondering what else can we do with the lego kit we got. Our team wishes to get together
Apr 27

Sacramento Area Jr. FLL Expo

The Sacramento Area Jr. FLL Expos will be held on Sunday May 3rd. Where - Merryhill School, 1115 Orlando Ave, Roseville, 95661 When - Sunday May 3rd from
Apr 20

Re: New to Jr. FLL , need guidance

Going to an event and meeting with various teams is a great way to get started with Jr. FLL. It is a great way to see what it really is all about. If you can
Apr 13

New to Jr. FLL , need guidance

Hello Everyone I have a 7 year old and want to join Jr. FLL team. We live in Santa Clara and can you please guide me how to become a part of a team? I see an
Apr 12

Re: Jr. FLL Expos for 2015

Thanks Anika. We appreciate the effort that you put in for these events.
Apr 8

Re: Jr. FLL Expos for 2015 -registration links live

The JrFLL Expos hosted by Google are now all live and posted. Eventbrite appears to not have the "Live" tab updated as the count should say 4 instead of 0 but
Jill Wilker
Apr 8

Re: Jr. FLL Expos for 2015

Anika When are you opening the registration? - Vinay Sent from my iPhone ... Anika When are you opening the registration? - Vinay Sent from my iPhone On 7
Vinay Gaonkar
Apr 8

Jr. FLL Expos for 2015

We have some exciting news in regards to Jr. FLL Expos this year. Google has graciously agreed to host us for 4 Expos as follows: April 18, 2015 : 10:30am
Apr 7

upcoming Expo in bay area

Hi, I was wondering when will be the expo this year 2015 in bay area? April started and still no news of it. On the discussion group, I saw Jill mentioned
Meghana Shah
Apr 7

Re: Jr. FLL Expo in April or May?

Do we have the date/place finalize for the expo?
Apr 7

When / Where is the Expo?

Our team is almost done with their challenge and wanting to present at the Expo. I can not find the info for this anywhere. We are in Sunnyvale. If needed I
Apr 7

Re: Jr. FLL Expo in April or May?

Hi Jill , I would like to know if any Junior FLL expo's coming up during Apr- May timeframe, appreciate your response. Regards Raj Mudigonda
Apr 7

Re: Jr. FLL Expo in April or May?

Any update on the Jr. FLL expo? April 18th is only 2 weeks away and our team members need to know whether it is happening or not so we can plan accordingly.
Laura Gorman
Apr 7
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