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Family History Centre (was Re: [Noord-Brabant_Genealogy] van Kuijk/Eland)

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  • Nynke van den Hooven
    Ron (and others), On http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp?PAGE=library_fhc_find.asp you can check if there s a Family History Centre in
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      Ron (and others),

      On http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHC/frameset_fhc.asp?PAGE=library_fhc_find.asp
      you can check if there's a Family History Centre in your vicinity.

      Met vriendelijke groet,
      Nynke van den Hooven.

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      From: Esther Perry
      To: Noord-Brabant_Genealogy@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 3:14 PM
      Subject: Re: [Noord-Brabant_Genealogy] van Kuijk/Eland

      > can't find any date when Johanne or Elizabeth were born. Could one
      > of the marriage dates be recorded incorrectly?

      That is a possibilility - although I would suggest if the date is in error,
      the error is in the transcribing rather than the recording.

      > Burgerlijke Stand: huwelijk , aktenummer: 11, datum: 23-4-1820
      > BRUIDEGOM: Johannes van Kuijck
      > geboorteplaats bruidegom: Boxtel
      > BRUID: Elisabeth Vingerhoets
      > geboorteplaats bruid: Oirschot

      For both the bride and groom it gives the birthplace - shouldn't be too hard
      to find their dates.

      > Opmerkingen: akte bevat meer informatie

      You will need the actual document to find what further information is
      recorded. Could be the death of an earlier spouse, or the acknowledgement of
      a child born before the marriage.

      Ron, whereabouts in Australia are you? If in a city or town, check your
      phone book for the nearest Family History Centre. (Lacking an entry, call
      the nearest Mormon Church and ask where the FHC is and what the phonenumber
      is). Then call them, make an appointment and pay them a visit. Ask them
      especially to explain the use of the Family History Library Catalogue. From
      there you can then order for loan (and for a few dollars ;-)) the films
      containing the images of the original documents. And while you have the film
      there you could see if there are siblings or other relatives also recorded.

      The above marriage can be found on film number 111161 (births, marriage
      proclamations, marriages and deaths 1820-1823. Film number 111162 will give
      you the marriage supplements for 1820-1823. Once you find the marriage
      document, you need to note the year and registration number (and in this
      case you already have it from the index) to find the supplements - gives
      information on birth of the bride and groom, whether or not the groom served
      in the military, information about deaths of the parents, and other goodies.
      Note that these are usually extracts from the original documents, and do not
      give ALL the information that can be found in the original, but they will
      give you the name of the place where the birth or death or other event was
      registered, so that you go and search there.

      Good luck!
      Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia
      Esther Perry


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