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Re: [gelderland-genealogy] From LAMMES TO LEMMENS ???

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  • gerard lemmens
    Dear Dorothy and others, I have found the following in my filing system, the source of this information is from genealogical friends Tineke Willems-Swinkels
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      Dear Dorothy and others,

      I have found the following in my filing system, the source of this information is from genealogical friends Tineke Willems-Swinkels Beek en Donk) , Henk van de Weem (Wijchen),
      Paul lemmens (Nijmegen deceased) , Marcel Lemmens (from Milsbeek) and Wim Jaegers (Venray) from year ago (ca. 1990) :

      VIIm. Joes Jans Lemmens, ged. Rijkevoort 27 jan. 1792, son of VIi , godparents Martinus Huybers and Elisabeth Gerrits, married ca. 1820/1825 JOHANNA DE GRUDT, bapt. Beugen ca. 1790. They depart for North Amerika (New York) 16 march 1848.
      Issue from this marriage :
      1. Henricus Jans Lemmens, born Beugen 15 nov. 1826.
      2.Joannes Jans Lemmens, born Beugen ca. 1827.
      3.Dorothea Jans Lemmens, born Beugen 2 july 1830.
      4. Ida jans Lemmens, born Beugen ca. 1837.

      VIi. Henricus Jans Lemmens, bapt. Oploo 30 june 1754, son of Vg ,godparents Gerardus Cuijpers and Catharina Jans Berix, living in Wanroij,Change of Name in Wanroij on 29 dec. 1811 from Jans (en) to (Jans) Lemmens with his four sons Martin , Jan , Peter and Jan (the younger).
      He married 1st Haps 6 may 1781 IDA HUYBERS (Hubers), bapt. Sint Anthonis, died before 1800.
      mHe maaried 2nd Rijkevoort 26 apr. 1800 MARIA GERRITS, bapt. Wanroy, died before 1813.
      He married 3rd. Wanroy 27 june 1813 CORNELIA ALBERS, bapt. Wanroy 27 apr. 1763, dr.of. Albert Jans Albers and Christine Aarts (she had married 1st. Wanroy 29 apr. 1787 Joannes van Tienen )
      Issue from the 1st marriage:
      1. Jacoba Jans (or Lemmens), bapt. Wanroij 229 aug. 1783 (Godp. Petrus Hubers and Elisabeth Geurts.
      2. Henricus Jans (or Lemmens) , bapt. Wanroij 1 july 1785 (Godp. Theodorus Hybers and Digna Jans).
      3. Joannes Jans Lemmens, Bapt. Wanroij 27 june 1786 (Godp. Hermanus Jans and Digna Jans ). Farmer in Overloon, married Catharina REINNEN, Issue of this marriage Michael Theodorus Hendriks Lemmens, born Overloon (gem Maashees 11 june 1821, married Sambeek 21 may 1853 Theodora Peters, born Sambeek 17 july 1818, dr. of Anton Peters and Theodora Pelkmans.
      4. Martinus Jans Lemmens, bapt. Wanroij 8 dec. 1787 (Godp. Petrus Hubers and Johanna Arts), died Cuijk 18 oct. 1854, married Haps 28 may 1815 ELISABETH VAN BU(E)REN , died after 1854. Issue of this marriage3 children born in Haps and 4 children born in Cuijk
      5. Petrus Jans Lemmens, bapt. Rijkevoort 26 dec. 1789 (Godp. Theodorus Huybers and Jacomina Jans).
      6. Joes Jans Lemmens, bapt. Rijkevoort 27 jan. 1792 (Godp. Martinus Huybers and Elisabeth Gerrits), follows VIIm.
      7. Huybertus Jans Lemmens, bapt. Rijkevoort 19 sept. 1794 (Godp. Henricus Huybers and Maria Hybers). He died probably before 1796.
      8. Huybertus Jans (or Lemmens), bapt. Rijkevoort 28 may 1796 (Godp. Henricus Huybers and Petronella Derix ), he probably died young as he is not mentioned in the change of name document.9. henrica Jans (or Lemmens) , bapt. Rijkevoort 19 june 1798 (Godp. Henricus Huybers and Jacomina Jans).
      issue of the second marriage:
      10. Jacobus Jans (or Lemmens), bapt. Rijkevoort 19 febr. 1801 (Godp. Henricus Gerrits and Hendrina Gerrits). Probbaly died in infancy.
      11. Anna Catharina jans (or Lemmens) , bapt. Rijkevoort 8 may 1802 (Godp. Petrus hermens and Jacomina Jans.

      Vg. Joannes ALBERS (Lemmens), bapt. Sint Anthnis 29 aug. 1720 , son of IVc ,(Godp. Henricus Jans (Lemmens) and Joanna Gerardi van Huysselingen, died Oploo 3 oct. 1794, married as Joannes Albers in Oploo 5 may 1748 HENRICA JANS DERIX (S) , bapt. Oploo, died Oploo 17th may 1752. He married 2nd as Joannes Albers in Wanroij 25 july 1753 (witnesses are Gerardus Aberts and Gerardus Gerrits) JACOBA GERRITS, born Wanroij. He probably married 3rd Wanroij 29 apr. 1787 JOANNA BENTS.
      Issue from the 1st marriage :
      1. Arnolda Jans/Albers (Lemmens), bapt. Oploo 13 apr. 1752 (Godp. Albertus Jans Lemmens and Mechtildis Willems.

      Issue from 2nd marriage:
      2.Henricus Jans/Albers ( Lemmens), bapt. Oploo 30 june 1754, follows VIi.
      3. Joannes. Oploo 12 sept. 1755.
      4. Albertus, Oploo 18 sept. 1757.
      5. Catharina, Oploo 10 febr. 1759.
      6. Catharina, Oploo 17 dec. 1760.

      Issue from the 3rd marriage:
      8. Petrus, Oploo 8 march 1793.
      8. Joannes, Oploo 9 aug. 1794

      IVc. Albertus Jans (Lemmens), baspt. Sint Anthonis 12 june 1691 , son of IIIa , (Godp. Joannes Peters Vijfeycken and Elisabeth Tunnissen ) , married 1st Sambeek (witnesses Jan Thomass van Maaseik and Hendrick Peters van Huysselingen ) CHRISTINE GERARDS VAN HUYSSELINGEN, bapt. Sint Anthonis 7 may 1693, dr.of Gerardus Peters van Huysselingen and Maria Henrici van Os. He married 2nd. as Albertus Jansens Sint Anthonis 24 jan. 1736 (witnesses Alberto Graet and Mattheo Willems0 GERARDA GERARDS (van Husselingen ??). See page 28 of "Het geslacht Lemmens van Oelbroeck, vier eeuwen in het Land van Cuijk".
      Issue from 1st marriage:
      1.Joannes Lemmens, bapt. Sint Anthnis 29 aug. 1720 (Godp. Henricus Jans (Lemmens) and Joanna Gerardi van Huysselingen, FOLLOWS Vg.
      2. Gerardus, * S.A. 27 aug. 1721.
      3. Godefridus, *S.A>.20 may 1723.
      4. Maria , * S.A. 30 sept. 1724. She maaried EVERARDUS VAN MIL.
      5. Wendelina, * S.A. 10 oct. 1725.
      6. Wendelina, * S.A. 26 sept.1726.
      7. Gerardus, * S.A. 16 dec. 1727, married Jacomijn Lamberts , from Merselo.
      married 2nd. Maria Willems, from Broekhuijsen., see page 125 of "Het geslacht Lemmens van Oelbroeck, vier eeuwen in het Land van Cuijk".
      Wendelina, * S.A. 26 dec. 1728.She married 1st.EVARDUS VAN MIL . and 2nd. ARNOLDUS ARTS

      Issue from 2nd marriage:
      9. Christina, * S.A. 25 may 1738.
      10. Joannes, * S.A. 18 jan.1740.

      Dorothy if this is all correct then you are related to me. I know that of these New York Lemmens'es are are still descendants living in New York state (I found them years ago but they did not want to have any contact with me, becuasse they said that their name was not Lemmens but Lammes !!!)
      If anybody has any additional information on the above ZI would be most grateful as I am writin a second book about the Lemmens family from Sint Anthonis in the Lands of Cuijk.

      Kind regards,
      Gerard Lemmens

      Hannie Tijman <tijman@...> wrote:


      no doubt you've read the above link... it doesn't give names though, but
      gives you insight information about the immigrants

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      > Thanks to each of you for your response to my Lammes query. The
      > information I have is what has been handed down through the family. I
      > have no doubt that Henry is the American version. After the family was in
      > America they were spelling their name LAMIS but on the tombstone it is
      > found LAMMES. JOHN born in 1814 was married to Johannh/Johamiah DEGRUT
      > born 1791. JOHN left for America with a group of people in 1847. I
      > believe John had 4 children. Peter, John, Henry and Dora (probably all
      > American versions). They settled in a large Dutch community in Iowa.
      > They very well could have been living in towns surrounding Groesbeek and
      > attended a church in Groesbeek. There is a story told that John's son
      > John changed his name to John Johnson to enable him to leave the country
      > and he kept this name till his death. He was married to a CORNELIA
      > VANDERLOW maybe about 1840 in Holland.
      > I have been looking for so long for these Dutch Lammes so will just keep
      > following everyone's sugestions and maybe--------------
      > Dorothy
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