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Database Administrator - Level II, TechSoup Global (San Francisco, CA)

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  • Jon Fuezy
    Major Duties and Responsibilities: You will be a database and reporting platform administrator for TechSoup Global.org, which distributes donated and
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      Major Duties and Responsibilities:

      You will be a database and reporting platform administrator for TechSoup
      Global.org, which distributes donated and discounted products to
      nonprofits and international NGOs. In this role, you will participate in
      the planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of
      the enterprise database systems as well as our reporting systems and
      business reports. You will interface primarily with the Database
      Architect to meet the needs of the various engineering teams such as the
      application developers, infrastructure team, the business reporting team
      as well as other business stakeholders. You will help create data system
      and reporting platform requirements, develop database and reporting
      system solutions, and maintain the data and reporting systems.
      Additionally, you will perform tasks such as schema design, database
      definition and data manipulation SQL coding, pulling data extracts and
      running SQL queries, performing user login and privilege administration,
      data backup and restoration as well as develop semantic layer universes
      and data analysis reporting objects for our reporting platform.

      Additionally, you will:

      * Participate in the planning of computerized databases,
      including base definition, structure, documentation, long-range
      requirements, operational guidelines and security.

      * Adapt business requirements, developed by modeling/development
      staff and systems engineers, and develop the data, database
      specifications, and table and element attributes for an application.

      * Propose and implement enhancements that will improve the
      performance and reliability of the database systems.

      * Code complex SQL code such as stored procedures, user-defined
      functions, views, queries, and scripts and derive logical processes on
      technical platforms.

      * Ensure accuracy and completeness of data in master files and
      various support tools, such as base dictionaries.

      * Perform maintenance and monitoring tasks on data systems and
      databases to ensure that they are optimized, run efficiently and are
      backed-up and secure.

      * Carry out routine data replication, import/export, cleanup,
      data extracts, and ad hoc database querying and analysis functions as

      * Maintain security and integrity controls.

      * Assist data analysts and reporting personnel with complex SQL
      queries and reports development.

      * Participate in quality assurance of data systems. Prepare and
      maintain documentation of the operational and reporting database

      This position will report to the Database Architect.


      * 3+ Years of enterprise-relational database systems; hands on and
      analytical experience. This experience should include work with
      commercial grade RDBMSs, and enterprise-level processing systems (CRM,
      ERP, ETL, BI).
      * Experience participating on team-driven projects, preferably
      ecommerce and enterprise database development projects.
      * Have mid-level expertise with business applications and
      web/internet applications as they relate to database technologies.
      * Experience/expertise with databases and operations in a
      predominantly Microsoft Windows environment and infrastructure,
      including Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL
      * Knowledge/experience with data warehousing and mining concepts,
      methodologies and implementation.
      * Proficiency in standard ANSI SQL, T-SQL, and XML.
      * Experience producing database schema diagrams and technical
      * Experience with at least one major ERP/CRM enterprise data
      system; Onyx Enterprise CRM and/or MS Dynamix AX preferred.
      * Knowledge of enterprise SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Web
      Services and .NET development knowledge highly desired.
      * Able to work effectively in a collaborative team environment.
      * Knowledge of an enterprise business intelligence systems;
      Business Objects 3.0 is a plus.


      * Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience.

      Other Requirements:

      Physical Demands & Work Environment: The physical demands and work
      environment characteristics described here are representative of those
      that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential
      functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable
      qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

      Physical Demands:

      * Prolonged telephone duties using handset, headset and computer
      located at the TechSoup Global facility

      * Prolonged keyboard duties
      * Access, input & retrieve information from a computer to produce
      typed copy, free of errors, without the assistance of another person
      * Willingness and capacity to work in a cubicle environment at a
      workstation, and to come and go repeatedly throughout the day as is
      necessary, to perform various responsibilities
      * Capacity to communicate and enunciate adequately, in person or
      via telephone, in a manner which can be understood by those with whom
      the employee is speaking
      * Capability of dialing or otherwise using a telephone to place
      * Capacity to pick up, leaf through and read books, files and
      other materials
      * Willingness and capacity to sit/stand for minimum periods of two
      hours at a time
      * Capacity to reach forward to a high of 48 inches, to a low of 15
      inches, to the side 54 inches and to the low side 9 inches above the
      * Ability to lift and/or move up to 20 pounds
      * Ability to load discs and to change settings, devices, fixtures,
      etc., on various equipment used in and around TechSoup Global

      Work Environment:

      * While performing the duties of this job, the employee may be
      exposed to various components of an office environment such as
      florescent lighting, pollen, dust, recycled air, cooling fans, VDTs,
      semi-enclosed areas, central heating, seasonal warmer temperatures and
      office noise

      Application Procedure:

      Email required cover letter and resume to DBA@... with
      job title in subject heading.

      Visit our website at: http://www.techsoupglobal.org
      <http://www.techsoupglobal.org/> /

      No phone calls, please.

      About TechSoup Global:

      TechSoup Global is a nonprofit organization that has been successful in
      creating a suite of high impact services that facilitate corporate
      philanthropy and benefit community service organizations in a
      financially sustainable model. For more than two decades, our mission
      has been to work toward the day when every community service
      organization on the planet has access to the technology resources and
      information they need to achieve their own missions. Founded in 1987,
      we currently have more than 170 staff members and an annual budget of
      about $23 million. TechSoup Global helps other nonprofits better serve
      their missions by acquiring and using technology, implementing web and
      social networking, and receiving grant funding and product donations.

      Working with capacity-building partners across the world, TechSoup
      Global is actively expanding our program outside the US. We establish
      partnerships with in-country NGOs to implement our highly effective
      product donation program, while adapting to local business practices,
      laws, and cultural imperatives. In the process, we're building a global
      network of partners all focused on empowering NGOs through the effective
      use of technology. We're in 22 countries to date and adding more each

      Through our TechSoup Stock website, nonprofits find a broad range of
      software donated by leading tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco,
      Symantec, Intuit, and Adobe, along with content and community resources
      tailored specifically for a nonprofit audience. To date we have enabled
      over $1 billion in technology donations world wide.

      Based upon the strength of our global network, our expertise in building
      scalable web systems, our history of working both with donors and with
      recipient NGOs, and our experience building one of the fastest growing
      sustainable social enterprises, TechSoup Global was recently selected to
      build a new service for international philanthropy. Backed by major
      foundations and key philanthropy sector partners, this new service will
      create a global database of nonprofits and NGOs, making it easier and
      less costly for international grantmakers to provide cash grants to
      social benefit organizations in countries outside the U.S.

      TechSoup Global is dedicated to creating and supporting an environment
      of openness, trust, and fun where people's differences are valued and
      respected, and where people of diverse backgrounds participate fully in
      our organization. We believe that the diverse cultures and perspectives
      of our staff will help us better serve our clients. TechSoup Global is
      an equal opportunity agency and will not allow discrimination based upon
      age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, size,
      religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

      Jon Fuezy - HR Generalist

      TechSoup Global
      435 Brannan Street, Suite 100
      San Francisco, CA 94107-1780

      Office: 415-633-9448
      Fax: 415-633-9400

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