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Technology Director, Pachamama Alliance (San Francisco, CA)

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    Technology - Director The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit, is rapidly developing into an organization that relies on distributed web-based systems to support
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      Technology - Director

      The Pachamama Alliance, a non-profit, is rapidly developing into an
      organization that relies on distributed web-based systems to support
      local grass-roots activities world-wide.

      With our commitment to the expansion of the organization's Awakening
      the Dreamer Initiative, we anticipate growing the number of
      participants to 25,000 by year-end 2007. The five-year business plan
      is to reach between 3 million to 25 million participants by year-end
      The current growth in 2007 has outstripped the existing expertise in
      the organization and our current technologies. We have a growing
      virtual community hungry for resources and support. The rapid
      implementation of core technologies will be required to meet our
      current year objectives, and to lay the foundation to meet our longer-
      term vision.

      The Pachamama Alliance is looking for a skilled, energetic,
      articulate, and socially aware technology wizard with a wide-variety
      of talents. The core competencies for this position are in three
      areas: integrating technologies, leveraging volunteer resources,
      anticipatory planning.
      This could either be a full-time position or a contracted service,
      depending on the fit and circumstances.

      Core Competencies

      The ideal candidate will be motivated by a commitment to the mission
      of the Pachamama Alliance, and have a hands-on background in web-
      based systems design and experience in managing teams in development
      projects, with heavy emphasis on open-source community building.

      We are looking for a systems visionary, a designer and project
      manager, a developer and a coordinator.
      The data will be traditional database (membership/participant
      management, fundraising management, event management), multimedia
      (video streaming) library management, content management systems
      (CMS) for documents, and community support (blogs, discussion boards,
      surveys, calendaring).

      An ability to leverage the expertise of volunteers for the planning,
      design, and development, and then to enlist and recruit volunteer
      help in testing and implementation will be a significant aid to the
      success of this position. This will require strong team-building,
      motivation, and communication skills.

      Status: Full-time employee or consultant
      Relevant Work Experience: 5+ to 10 years
      Education Level: BS in Computer Science, MBA or Equivalent

      Specific Responsibilities

      � Translate the organization's goals into a "Technology Plan", with
      emphasis on the successful expanded global reach of the Awakening the
      Dreamer Symposium and the community of active participants that this
      will generate. The plan will need to address current needs, while
      being a scalable foundation for the anticipated growth in coming
      � Advise managers of our organization in selection of tools and
      methods for accomplishing our objectives using open source internet
      technology, after careful risk assessment (e.g., integration, total
      cost of maintenance, external and internal support requirements, long-
      term viability).
      � Bring together the technical and people resources, including
      volunteer teams, to accomplish the following:
      � Design and implement new interface allowing members to create
      community through blogs, discussion groups, and networking.
      � Continual updating of content on the website, setting up protocols
      for users to manage their own content revisions, using the Joomla CMS
      already implemented.
      � Improve and enhance the Event Scheduling System just now being
      installed to add essential features.
      � Train users to maintain a system of automatic email communications
      based on events and transactions, using our current database
      (Democracy In Action.)
      � Implementation of a new look and feel for the website.
      � Integration of the Donor Records system and the Symposium
      Participant Records System.
      � Design and implementation of "front-end" systems of data collection
      and producing reports for users.
      � Provide technical and business oversight to all projects within the
      � Act as a Development Manager for technology staff and volunteers.

      Skills Required

      � Systems design and development.
      � Database design using MYSQL and/or others online database software.
      � Familiar with content management software (CMS), especially JOOMLA
      � Using open source software to create new systems
      � Systems integration<
      � Project Management<
      � Cross-platform (Mac, PC, Unix)
      � Keep current with object, component, database, and infrastructure
      methodology and technology (e.g., via technical journals,
      conferences, and personal research)


      � Strong team player
      � Strong problem-solving skills; Able to work under pressure when
      there are issues
      � Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      � Strong planning and project management skills
      � Technical strengths must include networking, performance, high
      � Effective follow-up
      � Strong process orientation
      � Goal-oriented achiever
      � Flexible
      � Hands-on
      � Internationalization experience is a plus

      Experience Requirements

      � 10+ years of related overall experience: Including at least 4 years
      successful experience with project estimation, staffing, resource
      allocation. Also including at least 2 years of successful experience
      as an architect in one of the three tracks while obtaining the
      following expertise.
      � Track record of hiring and developing a performing team of software
      � 5+ years software development team management experience
      � Leadership experience with server software development
      � BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent
      � Experience with online community needs

      The following skills, experience and attributes will be a big plus:

      � Able to technically provide strategic direction and oversight to
      multiple projects (Includes overall management for indirect and
      direct reports)
      � Acts as a Development Manager for technology staff and volunteers.
      � Business Management and Administration: Demonstrated knowledge of
      project planning, staffing, and estimating in an iterative software
      development process.
      � E-commerce: Working knowledge of the e-commerce business. Expert
      knowledge of the e-commerce domain.
      � Application Architecture: Expert knowledge in software architecture
      principles. Expert knowledge in distributed object development.
      Working ability to identify architecturally significant requirements
      and their ramifications. Working ability to make engineering
      tradeoffs between conflicting architecturally significant
      requirements. Good knowledge of Web development. Good knowledge of
      multi-applications application architectures. Good working knowledge
      of developing application on multiple platforms.
      � Application Design: Mastery of object-oriented concepts (e.g.,
      abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism). Good design
      skill at the application/component/package/module level. Able to
      design small system applications. Able to design medium-sized
      software applications. Expert ability to use analysis, design, and
      communications patterns.
      � Application Technology: Expert knowledge of upperCASE tools (e.g.,
      Modeling Tools, Configuration Management Tools). Expert knowledge of
      lowerCASE tools (e.g., compilers, debuggers). Expert knowledge of
      communication technology (e.g., CORBA, DCOM, RMI).
      � Database Technology: Basic ability to use an existing relational
      database. Basic ability to use an object database.
      � Infrastructure Technology: Working knowledge of hardware including
      client and server computers, routers, firewalls, and networks. Good
      working knowledge of systems infrastructure technologies.
      � Programming: Expert in at least one language. A good working
      knowledge of multiple implementation languages. Expert on at least
      one platform. Good working knowledge of multiple platforms.
      � Configuration Management: Working knowledge of configuration
      identification, control, and auditing and associated tools.
      � Ability to work with a diverse group of participants, membership,
      and volunteers
      � Limitless self motivation to solve technical challenges and improve
      your team's effectiveness

      Please send resume and cover letter via email to Tatiana Tilley,
      Director of Operations by Friday, June 15, 2007:
      tatiana@.... No phone calls please.

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