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Last Day for Early Bird Registration Savings

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  • yalonda
    [WSNP Conference 2010]
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010
      WSNP Conference 2010
      Register TODAY and SAVE!
      Today, April 1st is the last day for the Early Bird registration savings.Take advantage of the savings and register now.
      Go to Nonprofit Conference to register.
      • 27 cutting-edge inovative workshops
      • 3 dynamic keynote speakers
      • Idea table - have a problem or question, stop by the Idea Table to brainstorm with your peers.
      Visit the Nonprofit Solutions Marketplace to research possible products and services that could make your job easier.
       10 years
      $155 Early Bird Member Rate (Reg. $205)
      (EA alliance of nonprofits, Seattle University & University of Washington members, students, faculty & staff)
      $195 Early Bird Non-Member Rate (Reg. 245)
      $75 Luncheon-Only Rate

           Visa, Mastercard & American Express Accepted   ______________________________________________________________________
         Presented by 
      Persona Direct logo
       Sponsored by
        10 years
      10 years          10 years 
      Offered by: 
      New EA logo 
      Nancy Bell Evans Center                     SeattleU logo
      WSNP Conference 
      508 2nd Avenue West
      Seattle, WA  98119
      206-328-3836 / conference@...
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