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"Special Issues Series: SUBSTANCE ABUSE " (repeat) --- September 16, 2008

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    Do register soon ... spaces are filling up! In response to high need for training on these issues, the King County Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition
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      Do register soon … spaces are filling up!




      In response to high need for training on these issues, the King County Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition (NPSDC) www.learningconnections.org/coalition    is repeating its popular Special Issues Series.

      This will be a series of four workshops focusing on substance abuse, mental health, learning disabilities and domestic violence.



      The first workshop:  



      Special Issues Series:   SUBSTANCE ABUSE



      Tuesday September 16, 2008     

      9:00 am - 4:30 pm



      University Presbyterian Church, CALVIN ROOM ,

      4540 15th Avenue N.E.,  Seattle WA 98105



      Trainers:       Charles (Chuck) Anderson, PH.D., CAS                      Michael Towey C.D.P., C.P.P., M.P.A




      To register online and for workshop details, please click on the following link:







       Recognizing "Substance Abuse" early and referring the client to appropriate professional /community resources can make a huge difference.   This can often be the key to success for many of our clients.


      This full day interactive training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to effectively recognize, understand, and assess for "Substance Abuse" and consequently equip you with the information to successfully connect the client with appropriate community/professional resources.


       Participants will:


      v     Understand the rules that govern treatment services.

      v     Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse /addiction.

      v     Understand the complexity of drug and alcohol addiction.

      v     Understand how drugs and alcohol influence families.

      v     Learn how to identify potential harm and what steps to take.

      v     Be introduced to the language of treatment planning and understand how information between organizations will result in a better outcome for the client.

      v     Be able to determine the way in which a client’s readiness for change influences the outcome of treatment and the appropriate level of care.

      v     Learn how to locate the appropriate resources in their community for referrals.



      (This workshop has been designed for frontline staff, case managers and counselors, program coordinators / managers, supervisory staff, etc… who are either new to their roles,

       or as a refresher to those who already hold these positions).




      Here are some participants' comments from the previous workshop on this topic:


      " Heightened my knowledge .. awareness .. alertness .. to the signs and symptoms of chemical dependency.   Better able to assist clients with treatment options and the resources available to help them and their families. "


      "This (workshop) was outstanding! ... very well presented .. resource panel was awesome .. an overall good mix of lecture, panel, video and great group participation !"






      You and your colleagues/staff may be interested to attend.   All you need to do is to register online as soon as possible as space is limited.


      Feel free to send this web link to your colleagues or staff particularly those whom you know would benefit from attending this training.


      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



      Thanks for your help!



      Anna McCain,  Project Manager 
      Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition Project (NPSDC)
      Center for Learning Connections
      Highline Community College Outreach Center
      P.O.Box 98000, M/S 99-285
      Des Moines WA 98198-9800
      Tel: (206) 870 -5908 
      Fax: (206) 870-5915
      E-mail: amccain@...







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