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  • Debby Peterman
    Maria Here is a job description that I have used for a community advisory program (all volunteers) for a hospital. Hope this helps. I think it might serve
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      Here is a "job description" that I have used for a community advisory program (all volunteers) for a hospital.  Hope this helps.  I think it might serve as a template for you.



      Position Description – Community Advisor


      Position Purpose


      1. To provide input to the Board on topics and projects related to community health care issues and health care delivery.
      2. To become well informed on Hospi tal ’s plans and programs and act as ambassadors of the hospital in the community.


      Volunteer Opportunities and Responsibilities


      The position of Community Advisor is an opportunity for significant input into the Hospital ’s decision making.  The Community Advisor is responsible for becoming involved in hospital affairs in two ways:


      1. Educational sessions:  Several times a year, educational sessions are held for all Community Advisors.  These sessions provide in depth briefings on the Hospital's programs, community health care needs and the economic and social forces effecting health care.  Community Advisors are asked to annually attend a majority of the educational sessions.
      2. Community Liaison:  Community Advisors are in a good position to communicate the Hospital's plans and programs to other community residents.  They can also bring valuable community input and feedback to the hospital district’s attention.


      Term of Appointment


      Two years


            Expected time commitments


      The educational session is a dinner and evening meeting, typically scheduled five times a year.  Usually no advance preparation will be needed for these sessions.


      Throughout the year Community Advisors are invited to participate in other hospital activities, internal committees and community events.







      The Hospital is looking for individuals with the personal skills, interest and commitment necessary to be an effective Community Advisor.  A Community Advisor need not have a professional or volunteer background in health care.  The Hospital will attempt to see that all geographic areas of its service areas are appropriately represented.  Attention will also be given to assure that an appropriate balance between males and females, age groupings and other socioeconomic groups is maintained.  


      Other important considerations for a Community advisor candidate include:

      1)      Community involvement as demonstrated by a record of participation in community activities.

      2)      Professional and volunteer experience in areas such as community organization, marketing/public relations, business management, and political organizations.

      3)      Strong skills in interpersonal relations and oral and written communications.

      4)      Strong interest in health care delivery

      5)      A clear understanding of and commitment to the responsibilities of a Community Advisor.


      Selection process


      Individuals interested in the Community Advisor program will be asked to submit a resume or other written summary of professional and volunteer activities and a letter summarizing their interest in the program.  These written responses will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be invited for a personal interview with the Selection committee.   After completion of the personal interview process, the Selection committee will make recommendations to the Board, which will appoint new Advisors.



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      I’m part of an organization who always looks for volunteers --- even begs; however, they have no description of what they need written down!  I want to give them a list of things they should create in each description…

      So if you have such a description, what types of things do you include in it?  I’ll start…

      Position Description

      Needed number of hour per month:


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    • Dee Christoff
      You are welcome to view our volunteer positions online at www.NationalEatingDisorders.org. For the specific page you re looking for, go to
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        You are welcome to view our volunteer positions online at www.NationalEatingDisorders.org. For the specific page you're looking for, go to http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/p.asp?WebPage_ID=448. The online postings are fairly brief. Our official versions are sometimes more detailed.
        Dee Christoff, Director of Development
        National Eating Disorders Association
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