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Sign up today! Social Media: Changing the Landscape for Nonprofit Communications

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  • Potter, Danielle
    Seattle University Service in Action Seminar: Social Media: Changing the Landscape for Nonprofit
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2013
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      Seattle University Service in Action Seminar: Social Media: Changing the Landscape for Nonprofit Communications

      Presenter: Zan McColloch-Lussier, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement at Food Lifeline
      Friday, February 22, 8am to 12pm
      Seattle University, Student Center Room 160 

      The advent of tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs is rapidly changing how nonprofits communicate with and engage their supporters and communities. Many organizations began using these tools without a full understanding of what makes them unique or how to use them to their full potential. Various nonprofits are struggling with how to protect the organization’s brand, while empowering staff to use these channels.

      This workshop will discuss what’s possible now with social media tools, what your organization needs to do from a policy and training level, and share best practices for efficiently and effectively using social media to further your mission.

      The seminar will include many relevant and replicable examples from nonprofits, and allow plenty of time to have your questions answered. Participants will leave with new ideas on how to use social media to further your organization’s mission, along with practical resources, and tactics you can implement right away.

      This workshop is useful for senior nonprofit leadership who want to understand how social media is disrupting and providing new opportunities for their organization. It will also be particularly helpful for Directors of Communications or Development who are responsible for creating and sharing content for their nonprofit.

      Instructor Bio:  Zan McColloch-Lussier (@zanarama) is the Director of Marketing & Community Engagement at Food Lifeline. He also advises nonprofits and foundations on adapting to what's possible and amplify their missions by combining effective communication practices with social media and technology. 

      Zan founded Mixtape Communications after 20+ years in the philanthropic sector. His clients include Community Voice Mail, Pride Foundation, Philanthropy Northwest and the Alzheimer's Association of Western Washington.  He’s also the co-author of the Social Media Road Map.

      General Public: $75 (per seminar)
      SU Student/Alumni/Employee: $50 (per seminar)
      Three or more: $50 each
      Price includes a light breakfast.

      To register, contact Danielle Potter at potterd@... or 206-296-6143.Visit seattleu.edu/artsci/publicservice/professionaldevelopment/ to access the Service in Action Seminar Series, sponsored by Seattle University Institute of Public Service.

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