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Neighborhood House is Hiring... Neighborhood House is Hiring! We have an opening for Employment Case Manager II. This position is regular, full-time, and benefit-eligible. A complete job
Apr 17
Re: best free survey service to use I just heard about these 3 resources: -Google Drive for short, simple forms -Instant.ly for surveys you plan to field yourself. You can pay to flight a survey
Michele Kahrs
Apr 17
Insurance for youth employees We are thinking of having high school student work with us this summer through a city sponsored Summer Youth Employment program. It would be general light
Marcos Martinez
Apr 16
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Job Opportunity Adult Day Care Social Worker at the Northshore Senio Below is a link to a job announcement for an Adult Day Care Social Worker position, at the Northshore Senior Center. This is a Part-time (28- 32 hrs/week),
    Mariela Rodriguez
    Apr 16
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    Seattle University Seminar: “Communication Skills for Effective Pr Seattle University Service in Action Seminar: ôCommunication Skills for Effective Problem-Solving in the Workplace" Presenter: Lee Holmer, Associate
      Potter, Danielle
      Apr 15
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      Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce Cultures Connecting (www.culturesconnecting.com) presents... Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Workforce Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 2100 Building 2100 24th Avenue
      Apr 15
      Re: Donor tracking software Hi Art, I recommend Little Green Light. LGL is a great donor management system/CRM that's simple to learn and has all the power you need. It's also very
      Apr 15
      Re: Donor tracking software A few resources that might assist you are: http://www.wastatenonprofitconference.org/index.cfm they have a yearly event coming up and they run many different
      _Maria Marsala_
      Apr 14
      Re: QuickBooks consultant referral Try Your Man Friday, Seattle WA http://www.ymfseattle.com/contact.php Greg Serum is the owner- they are reasonable and they do a lot of nonprofit’s books and
      Helen Lakeru
      Apr 14
      Donor tracking software Hi, I'm President of the Anacortes Schools Foundation and we are kinda rounding the corner with money in scholarship endowment funds and expanding fundraising
      Art Shotwell
      Apr 14
      Re: QuickBooks consultant referral Sorry about that, Holly’s contact information didn’t come through. I highly recommend Holly at
        _Maria Marsala_
        Apr 14
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        Re: QuickBooks consultant referral I highly recommend Holly at Holly Lemon Bookkeeping LemonBerry Accounting Services 13007 127th Ave KPN Gig Harbor, WA 98329 Bus. 253-682-9896
          _Maria Marsala_
          Apr 14
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          QuickBooks consultant referral I'm the volunteer treasurer for a homeowner's association. Our financial records are in Excel; set up before I took on the job 18 months ago. I've figured out
          Apr 14
          Early Bird Deadline ends Monday April 14th - State Nonprofit Confere Hi Everyone, In what ways are you seeing a shift? Join us on May 14th to discuss, be inspired and be rejuvenated. Don't miss keynote speaker Connie Rice of the
          Alison McCaffree
          Apr 13
          Job Opportunity Social Worker at the Central Area Senior Center Below is a link to a job announcement for a Social Worker position, at the Central Area Senior Center. This is a Part-time (20 hrs/week), and offering great
            Mariela Rodriguez
            Apr 11
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            Nonprofit Technology Training - User Experience This is last call to register to attend 501 Commons’ free technology training: Bite-sized User Experience for Nonprofits: April 17, 9am-11am Making a website
            Daniel Rivalsi
            Apr 11
            Childhaven Open positions Please help spread the word about open positions at Childhaven! We have recently added several openings at all of our branches! [CHILDHAVEN_LOGO_K_SM] April
              Nancy Vive
              Apr 11
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              Job Opportunity - In-Home Assessor - Warehouse Assistant/Driver Below is a link to a job announcement for the In-Home Assessor - Warehouse Assistant/Driver position for the Meals on Wheels department. This is a Part-time
                Mariela Rodriguez
                Apr 10
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                Re: Real Estate Agent for non profits? Hi, Washington Partners works exclusively (or near exclusively) with  tenants and thus, many of their clients are NPOs.  Their work is paid by the landlord
                Meg McNulty
                Apr 10
                Re: Sexual Harassment Trainer You can see if some of my resources offer you what you’re looking for. This organization I know personally. I’ve taught a few classes for them.
                  _Maria Marsala_
                  Apr 9
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                  Re: Sexual Harassment Trainer Kate and Amanda, thanks so much for thinking of KCSARC! Unfortunately we no longer offer that kind of training here, but I checked with a colleague in our
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Diversity Affinity Networking Event--Martini Monday, April 14 We're grateful to have o 2 joy as a sponsor, thanks for your commitment and support. It will be a great event! Jill Rose ... From: joy@... To:
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Sexual Harassment Trainer Hi Janice, Like Amanda, above, said, KCSARC is your best bet. They are experts in the field of sexual harassment and sexual assault. They do education, and I
                  Kate Frew
                  Apr 9
                  Fundraising Workshop: Maximum Fundraising with Minimum Capacity Three cheers for fundraising smarter and more efficiently! Geared towards artists and arts groups, but we welcome all to participate. In this session, you'll
                  Casey Engels
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Diversity Affinity Networking Event--Martini Monday, April 14 Looks like a great topic! I'm glad o 2 joy decided to be a sponsor. See you on April 14th. Joy Stephens President o 2 joy 425 653 1575 www.o2joyent.com
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Real Estate Agent for non profits? Yes, that makes sense. I should have said “someone who is familiar with nonprofit needs”. Thanks! Bernice From: NonprofitNetworking@yahoogroups.com
                  Ege-Zavala, Bernice
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Real Estate Agent for non profits? perhaps 501 commons has some recommendations... On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 11:51 AM, _Maria Marsala_ < ... -- Sharon 425.750.9536
                  Sharon Afforde
                  Apr 9
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                  Re: Sexual Harassment Trainer Hello - I don't have anyone specifically, but I always hear positive things about King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. Maybe someone from there is
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Email Hosting Actually, you really, really can run your email through the free, consumer version of Gmail and have it appear to originate from your named domain. It's a
                  Greg Scheiderer
                  Apr 9
                  Re: Real Estate Agent for non profits? IMO… it would be very difficult (financially) if someone specialized in nonprofits. But many do work with nonprofits from time to time.
                  _Maria Marsala_
                  Apr 9
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