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12459Re: [Nonprofit Networking Group] Donor Asking for sober board

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  • Ellia Ryan
    Dec 17, 2013
      Sometimes you just have to say "no thanks". I was working for Oxfam years ago, when I was approached by a tobacco company that wanted to receive public acknowledgement for a a large donation they wanted to make. The agency had very strong views on inappropriate marketing in developing countries (tobacco fell into that category big-time). I took the opportunity to meet with the executive and explain our policy about not associating with companies that contravened our stance on marketing. Needless to say the company did not make a donation, however it was a unique opportunity to explain our work face-to-face and hopefully it provided an enlightening moment of corporate social conscience. 

      If it is appropriate to talk about the difference between responsible and irresponsible substance use, you may want to take it; don't necessarily expect a donation at the end of it, but you might be surprised! It will also provide your agency with the opportunity to think about and verbalize some aspects of your policies and values that could use some clarity.

      Ellia Ryan
      Training & Innovation Business Partner

      The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas”   ― Linus Pauling
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