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12458Re: [Nonprofit Networking Group] Donor Asking for sober board

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  • jefe
    Dec 17, 2013

      WOW, there seems to be a LOT of space between "100% Clean Sober"  and an "organization with substance abusers running it"

      Also, seems unclear if they are asking about Staff, or Board.

      Without knowing much about your needs, this sounds like a troubling, overly controlling potential headache in the making.



      On December 17, 2013 at 11:08 PM natalie reber <nataliedreber@...> wrote:  


      I received the following email today and am curious what other EDs or Development Directors think of the request.  Has anyone else received this?
      Natalie Reber
      Hospitality House
      We were thinking of making an end-of-year donation to your women's program, but we need to make sure your organization's Board of Directors Staff are 100% Clean Sober in their lives; we cannot donate to any organization with substance abusers running it.

      Are your Board of Directors Staff 100% Clean Sober in their lives?

      [prospective donors' names],
      Concerned  Donors



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