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Google High Speed Internet Pilot

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  • Burke, Delia
    Google is looking for communities who want them to invest in and help build a fiber (ultra-hi-speed Internet) network. The City of Seattle is applying and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2010
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      Google is looking for communities who want them to invest in and help build a fiber (ultra-hi-speed Internet) networkThe City of Seattle is applying and needs you to join in by nominating your community to Google and by sharing your interest through our website and Facebook page, and share this email with others.  Let’s show we care about keeping Seattle a vibrant, sustainable city. 


      Nominate your community for Google's fiber pilot project - By this Friday, March 26th!  Read below and see more at www.seattle.gov/broadband/


      Why does it matter?


      Fiber to the home would be about 100 times faster than Seattle customers currently have, will transform the way we live, work and play. Here’s how it would help:


      For Consumers: Competition and choice will lead to lower prices, new innovative service offerings and better service. 3D video could be delivered in real time.


      Speed Saves Time: Residents will be able to download a DVD movie in less than 1 minute. On today’s networks it takes about an hour or more.


      Save driving & help the environment: Real high speed Internet makes it easier to telecommute, deliver something across town or across the world, or hold meetings with others online…and reduce congestion and pollution.


      Improving education: Students could take classes from home through fully interactive high definition video connections. Tutors & subject experts can be brought in to your home or school.


      Health:  Seniors, homebound or others in need would be able to have video visits with medical staff or use home health monitoring equipment


      Doctors can consult with other experts quickly by sending or receiving large xrays or other data rich diagnostic files in a few seconds.


      Public engagement and community meetings: People could connect via real- time video conferencing in multiple locations (from home, schools or community

      centers) for town hall meetings.


      Jobs & business: This would bring new innovation and new jobs here.

      Researchers and business want to locate where they have access to fiber, talent and high quality of life.


      Disabilities and language interpretation: A sign or other language interpreter could be called upon for video translation for social services, business or government needs.


      Culture & the Arts: This provides an opportunity to deliver performances and collaborate on cultural events and creation from multiple locations.


      Less expensive computers: People would all be able to buy less expensive computers because applications, data storage and processing power will be accessible in real time over the web.


      No one can predict all of the new applications that will be developed over Google network. That is what makes it so exciting. Bandwidth is the raw material of the information age and the tech savvy residents and businesses of Seattle will experiment with that bandwidth to create new service and applications that will improve our quality of life.


      Take action: Residents in other cities are aggressively campaigning for the Google support to build in their communities. Go to www.seattle.gov/broadband to find out more, and link to the Google nomination page and our Facebook page (sign up to be a fan). 


      Contact Tony.perez@... or call 684-0600 for additional information.


      Here are specifics about telling Google to pick Seattle (nominating your community)


      How Can You Help?


      On behalf of your neighborhood, organization, or business, you can fill out the section of Google’s Request for Information (RFI) that is geared toward residents and community groups.  Responses are due back to Google by March 26. 


      This section of the RFI allows neighborhoods, organizations, or businesses to make their pitch to Google for why Google should build a fiber-to-the-home network in a particular area of Seattle.    The questions in this section focus on (a) why Google should pick a particular neighborhood for their pilot; and (b) what’s the type, quality, and price of current internet services in that neighborhood.


      How Do I Fill Out the RFI?


      Below are step-by-step instructions for filling out the residents and community groups section of the RFI:

      1.       Go to Google’s website http://www.google.com/appserve/fiberrfi/

      2.       Click on the “Get Involved” button.

      3.       Login (if you already have an account). 

      4.       If you do not have an account, click on “Create an Account Now.”  Follow the instructions for creating an account – this will include responding to an “email address verification” email that Google will email to the address you provide them.

      5.       Go back to where you were in the Google website and click on “Nominate your Community.”  This will bring up the list of questions that you will respond to on line, and submit to Google when you are finished.



      Delia Burke

      Technology Matching Fund Manager

      CIty of Seattle





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