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  • KARL
    May 31, 2008
      Glad to be part of this group. I now live in Akron, Oh where I
      returned to after getting out of the Air Force stationed at Minot.

      My memories of Nodak Speedway and Minot in general were in the
      Late Model days when people like Jack Mc Donald, Wayne Martinison,
      Dick and Paul Schultz, Bob Simmers, Bob Gumpke, Bob Moody raced.
      Along with John Gahle ( I apologize for the spelling, but I believe
      he is the current Nodak club President. ), and if my memory is
      correct there was some farmer south of Minot I believe in Underwood
      who was very very successful in the late Model class there in Minot
      and still races there today. I think his name is Marlyn
      Seidler... I still look at the Nodak web page and try to see how
      many names I can recall. Nice to know that a few are still
      around. By the way, whatever happened to Tony Marsh?.. Anyway I
      look forward to hearing from you folks in Minot, and if by chance
      anyone has any old Late Model pics feel free to post them.