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61Re: KERR and THOM families

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  • Pat & Lynette Demuth
    Feb 13, 2001
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      Hi Michael -
      Glad we could help.

      In the "Bookmarks" section of the NCGG forum site there is a link to a site
      that has the land patent records: http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/

      Pat, Lynette, Buzz Lightyear and Natalie Demuth

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      Thank you SO MUCH for this information. It is great! It shows me
      that Daniel Kerr moved to Illinois sometime in 1848, from Scotland,
      no less. Priceless information! My great grandfather, Bryce, was
      born two years later and then moved with his family to Houston county
      sometime before 1860. From there, I know that Daniel obtained a land
      patent in 1875 for 80, presumably in Adrian, where my Uncle had a
      farm when I was a kid. You don't know how exciting this is to me. I
      owe you a great debt. How can I help your effort?

      Michael Miller

      --- In NoblesCountyMN@y..., demuth@f... wrote:
      > Hi Michael –
      > As you noticed I have uploaded some JPEG, (picture) files regarding
      > your family. I can't stop the messages announcing file uploads
      > out to all members. I wish I could find a way to stop this as it
      > just adds to all the "junk" email I get already. Anyway----
      > The up loaded files are some of the pages from the Rose history
      > that you asked about. There also is two pages from the local
      > book, Memorial Record of Southwestern Minnesota, pub. 1897. Also
      > this book, right next to the Kerr family is the Thom family. They
      > were from the same area in Houston Co. MN as the Kerr family. (On a
      > personal note; I all so lived in Houston Co. for a few year,
      > different country that here. Houston is rolling hills and river
      > bluffs. A lot of sandstone hills and hard wood forest. They moved
      > to Nobles County that is as flat as any place I have seen, but
      > farm land and this was bounty land for Civil War Vets.) I see that
      > Kerr married a Thom later on. There are several members or past
      > members that have put together a Thom family history, I will try to
      > get you there names and address if you are interested. We do have
      > the Thom book in our library.
      > B. W. Kerr was in the 1888 Plat book of Nobles County, following is
      > his entry:
      > B. W. Kerr, Farmer in Section 12 of Olney Twp., Born in IL 1850,
      > moved to Nobles Co. in 1876.
      > I hope this information helps you in your research. If you have
      > problems opening the files that were uploaded please let me know.
      > If anyone else has any more information please post for Michael.
      > Pat Demuth
      > --- In NoblesCountyMN@y..., miller_mw@y... wrote:
      > > I am new at this. My dad is from Minnesota and I have found his
      > > great great grandfather, who moved from Coles Cnty, IL to Houston
      > > County, MN sometime between 1850 and 1860. From there he or one
      > > his desendents moved to Worthington, because my grandmother was
      > from
      > > there. I still have relatives (or did in the 1970s) in the
      > I
      > > saw the index from the Nobles County History that was mentioned
      > > one of the recent forum emails and found lots of names that are
      > > familiar, all Kerrs. How do I find information on them? Any help
      > > would be appreciated.
      > >
      > > Michael Miller

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