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413Re: Old Photo - Need help placing people and car make.

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  • seatownsd
    Jan 13, 2009
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      I enjoy so much the photos & other material in this newsgroup.

      Can't help you solve the mystery of "who" & "where" -- but I have a
      guess about "where." From what I can recall from so many years ago,
      the photo looks to me like it could be the old Carnegie Libary. I
      don't recall it being covered in ivy or any other flora, but this photo
      would have been taken perhaps decades before I was a daily customer
      there. The basement door/railing looks to me just like the entrance to
      the old children's library, & the sidewalk & 1st floor windows match up
      with what I recall too.

      Carole Towne Seaton

      --- In NoblesCountyMN@yahoogroups.com, "patdemuth" <demuth@...> wrote:
      > I have posted another photo to the Yahoo Groups website that the
      > historical society would like help with. We do not know who these
      > ladies are or the make or approximate year of the automobile. We also
      > don't what the brick building is that is used as a back drop. There is
      > a link below but may not work. If the link does not work you can see
      > the photo by going to the Yahoo Groups site at:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NoblesCountyMN/
      > And clicking "photos" in the left menu bar on the left side of the
      > Pat
      > Link to photo:
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