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222October 30 - Oklahoma State Beekeeper Association meeting in OKC

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  • Maribeth Snapp
    Oct 27 10:16 PM
      The public is invited to attend the Fall Conference of the Oklahoma State Beekeeper Association on October 30 at the OSU County Extension Center 960 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK. Registration is from 8-9am, the program will begin at 9:00 am, we will have a potluck lunch about 12:15 and finish the day about 4:45pm.

      In addition to the opportunity to informally talk to beekeepers from across the State of Oklahoma, there will be presentations on the topics of: Mead making, Essential Oils for Hive Management, Powdered Sugar in the Hive, Beekeeping in Oklahoma through the years, Commercial Beekeeping in Oklahoma, Top Bar Hives made a new way, and an update on the efforts of Christopher Stowell to re-instate the Boy Scout Beekeeper Merit Badge. Vendors will be Mann Lake Ltd. represented by George Richtmeyer of George's Apiary in Noble (Beekeeping supplies and clothing) and UltraBreeze Beekeeper suits by Honeymoon Apiaries (a company that originated in Oklahoma).

      Admission is free to the public, although a dish to contribute to the potluck lunch would be appreciated.

      Maribeth Snapp, Treasurer
      Oklahoma State Beekeeper Association