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Pandora's box and bridges of Love

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  • Maurizio
    Shalom everybody (less two!), I would write so many things about three days I d spent past week in Trieste (and environs) with Noa, or better, two with her
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      Shalom everybody (less two!),
      I would write so many things about "three days" I'd spent past week
      in Trieste (and environs) with Noa, or better, two with her and one
      with her Friends, means Solis and Zohar; Saturday 22 at "Luchetta
      Foundation Prize", where, unfortunately I couldn't meet her because
      it was a private gala; Sunday 23 at free concert called " I nostri
      Angeli" and this time I have greeted her and shaken her graceful
      hand (and that one Gil's too…) before give her a little present:
      (who knows if she had found a little moment to read some Leah's
      Goldberg "Selected poetry and dramas" pages).
      Third, Sunday 30 in Spilimbergo at final Folkest soirée in the
      backstage (what a lucky man!!) and outside, with "Thousand fingers"
      Zohar, marvellous Solis and their Italian manager Pompeo that
      offered me to drink (double lucky man ;-) .
      Well I was saying, that would have quite a lot impressions to write,
      but they are so many that I would risk to do a "papocchio"; so I
      will confine me to transcribe word by word how much Noa has
      pronounced to the thick public after having sung "Mishaela" and
      before reprise back with " I don't know".
      For the rest, in the section [files] you can find, in Italian and
      English, the articles appeared on the local daily paper "Il Piccolo"

      << Buonasera a tutti, shalom shalom shalom…shalom everybody…
      Wow, it is so nice to see all of you here this evening; amazing to
      ear how warm is my heart.
      You know, I've been reading great mythology and I've read about
      Pandora's box.
      When Pandora opened to a box every type of evil come out into the
      world and spread all over the world, and it has been in this
      difficult moment ever since.
      As we can see in these difficult moments, in this difficult days we
      are living, our Country is full of such evil now and we feel great
      fear for our families and our future.
      But there is one thing in Pandora's box together with all the evil
      and that is hope; one little bit of hope.
      And that has the great myth goes, is the human races salvation.
      Tonight I feel this feeling very very strong, and I have many
      reasons to feel that way.
      First of all because right in front of me I see a beautiful group of
      children from the Luchetta Foundation….
      Today I had the great honour of visiting this Foundation home, which
      houses together with other of this sixty children from Countries
      which have suffered horribly from wars.
      Children which suffered terribly diseases and with a family mentor
      are invited here in this Country to receive medical care and to go
      in their strength back before they go home.
      These children are beautiful, it is so amazing to see how they are
      living and I can say to all people who work at the Foundation: "
      BRAVO, God bless you for the incredible work that you do! ", and
      this is of course that hope which is the salvation of humanity. It
      is so great to see you all here tonight, with these lovely children:
      Shalom shalom beautiful children….
      Another reason that I have to be hopeful despite all of this, is
      that I can stand here tonight and rise my voice in song for the
      things I am believing.
      And the things I am believing are first of all human beings capacity
      to communicate and to build bridges, even though we can destroy
      horribly and we can cause each other great pain.
      We are able to build bridges and we have proven that.
      And I believe that this is the only way to continue surviving here
      on the Earth is to build these bridges.
      We musicians have the privilege of building these bridges every day
      of our life, every time we play, every time we sing we communicate,
      we build a little bridge over a river, over the coast to the other
      side where we found love, beauty, friendship.
      Around this stage we have just such a situation, here in front we
      have three Israelis playing together for very many years with great
      friendship and love.
      I tell you about these musicians a little bit later.
      But now I like to introduce to the people here and back, a beautiful
      bridge has been built from Israel to Naples over the past three
      This Quartet from Naples is one of the best I have ever heard in my
      life, and through communication of friendship, love and language of
      music we have had three wonderful years together, when these guys
      have graced me so many moments with their amazing musicianship. They
      write incredible songs, they arrange it beautifully, they play like
      angels, and it is a great pleasure to introduce you the Solis String

      I conclude with a mine, using refrain from a CULTURE CLUB song,
      reflection about the Middle-East conflict situation, whoever are the
      << War war is stupid
      And people are stupid
      And love means nothing
      In some strange quarters
      War war is stupid
      And people are stupid
      And I heard them banging
      On hearts and fingers>>

      Love and Peace, and good night and good luck

      Maurizio [ alone is better ;-) ]
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