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Fwd: Centro Sin Fronteras--boycot t Lou Dobbs sponsors

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  • Dennis Dixon
    (NOTE: I will point out to people that IBEW Local 21 has been fighting ComCast for a number of years organizing the cable installers.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2007
      (NOTE: I will point out to people that IBEW Local 21 has been fighting Comcast for a number of years organizing the cable installers.
      Menards generally is part of the Big Box monopolizing dispute and has had other problems with environmental people in Wisconsin for one thing (from a quick Google). Progressives do have to hit back at these reactionaries who people like Dobbs are helping to define the terms over the migrant labor issue. Please get this into other forums--like IndyMedia for instance.......dd)

      Zola2642@... wrote:
      Centro sin Fronteras/Familia Latina Unida in Chicago are working on organizing a boycott of Lou Dobbs and of the sponsors of his show on CNN, which in the Chicago area are ComCast and Menards.  Those of you who have recently watched his show know that he dedicates a large part of it, almost every evening, to racist immigrant bashing.  He goes so far as to retail the story of a Mexican plot to "reconquer" the United States.  Recently he distinguished himself by having on a guest who told his audience that the rate of leprosy in the United States has jumped to 7,000 cases in the last three years because of immigrants.  Actually it turns out that the rate of leprosy in the US is 7000 cases in THIRTY years, which is miniscule, and shows no increase.  He was called on to retract the false information but so far has refused.  This is par for the course for Lou Dobbs, the valient warrior defending the "middle class".
      Here is the message on this, which includes contact info on Menards, Comcast and CNN.
      Emile Schepers

      BOICOT A LOU DOBBS DE CNN / Drop Lou Dobbs


      Favor de unirse a la campaña para una reforma justa y integral para todos / join the capaign for a just comprehensive immigration reform

      estamos pidiendo que llamas a / please call the following #s
      CNN español Jim Walter manager noticias español.  404-878-1720
      CNN ingles 404-827-1500
      Menards- John Menard Jr. 715 876-5911
      comcast ingles Rodney 215 981-8582
      comcast español Edith Ortiz 630-288-1219.
      Por favor diles que estamos en plan de boicotear a los que apoyen a CNN Lou Dobbs y vamos a quitar el servicio de comcast y boicotear a Menards porque compran anuncios en el show de Lou Dobbs
      Please call the above and tell them we are boycotting all companies that advertise for the Lou Dobbs show.

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