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9/11 Commission Report: Whitewash

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  • Carol Herzenberg
    Thought that some of you might be interested in this commentary on the 9/11 Commission report - Carol
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
      Thought that some of you might be interested in this commentary on the 9/11
      Commission report - Carol


      Subject: 9/11 Commission Report: Bushwellianism...


      The 9-11 Commission Report: the greatest whitewash since the
      Warren Commission's report

      By Bev Conover
      Online Journal Editor & Publisher

      July 26, 2004—Everyone is to blame and no one is to blame,
      according to the twisted logic of the 9-11 Whitewash

      So who is talking about logic in this Bushwellian land?
      Surely not the 9-11 victims' families, who were bought off
      for an average of $2 million each, that are patting
      themselves on the back for forcing the Bushies to set up
      this travesty of a commission, comprised of handpicked

      Having spent several hours—hours that could have been better
      used—going through the 567-page "report," we agree with Kurt
      Nimmo that it is a "fantasy novel."

      The only dots it connects are the ones in the Official 9-11
      Legend, which will now stand alongside the Warren Whitewash
      Commission Report on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.
      Only this time, instead of Arlen Specter's "pristine bullet"
      theory, we have all these Arab men flying in and out of the
      US—some with dodgy passports or expired visas—meeting with
      their cohorts around the world, between learning how to fly
      airplanes at flight schools around the US, while telling
      their flight instructors they could skip the parts about
      taking off and landing the crafts. And no one noticed? Not
      even when they were told about these antics? When some of
      these alleged hijackers were on "terrorist" watch lists?

      Yet, millions of our ignorant fellow Americans—especially
      those in the corporate media—will buy into the fantasy. ABC
      News' John Donvan called this work of fiction the greatest
      thing since the Warren Whitewash Commission's work of

      If that isn't scary enough, now the corporate media, the
      knuckleheads in Congress and the dolts on the street who
      appear on camera are clamoring to implement the commission's
      recommendations to keep them "safe" from brown-skinned
      Muslims out to kill them. Hey, we don't need no steenking
      freedom. Hello, police state.

      Why NBC's flagship station, WNBC, in New York announced it
      is going to run a daily countdown until the final elements
      of the police state are in place.

      The New York Times offered up this bit of
      Bushwellianism: "As expected, the commission called for
      creation of a new national intelligence director to supplant
      some functions now performed by the director of central
      intelligence, who heads not only the Central Intelligence
      Agency but supervises the work of a dozen or more agencies
      scattered through the government. 'No one person can do all
      these things,' the commission said."

      Let's see, no one person can do it all, so let's have a
      spook czar—a cabinet level spook czar. Got it? Does that
      mean there will be some divine intervention in the choice of
      the political hack to "do all these things" that the CIA
      director can't do? Drat, there we go with logic again.

      Not exactly, according to the next paragraph in the same NYT
      article: "It called, too, for creation of a national
      counterterrorism center that would both unify strategic
      intelligence-gathering against Islamic terrorists and
      operational planning against them. But the report emphasizes
      that the enemy is not Islam, 'the great world faith, but a
      perversion of Islam.'

      Aha, another multi-billion dollar agency. And only to
      gather "intelligence" against "Islamic terrorists?"

      What about the perversion of Christianity and Judaism? You
      know, those Christian terrorists who torch abortion clinics
      and kill doctors? What about those Zionist terrorists who
      are slaughtering Palestinians and threatening those of us
      who speak out against the genocide? What about those
      Christians terrorists who are aiding and abetting the
      Zionist terrorists in the hope of bringing about Armageddon,
      and, if successful, plan to kill all the Jews, along with
      all others, who refuse to accept Christ as their savior?

      Yes, this shameful work of fiction goes on for pages in a
      thinly veiled indictment of Muslims, particularly brown-
      skinned Muslims, for the horrific acts that should be laid
      at the feet of the Bush administration. Then, this is a work
      of fiction.

      The commission has the audacity to falsely talk about the
      failure of "imagination." The imagination was there, but the
      commission chose not to mention Operation Northwoods, dreamt
      up by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, which laid out a
      scenario similar to what happened on 9-11, as a way of
      conning the American people into going to war against
      Castro. Nor did the commission make any reference to the
      Project for a New American Century, which said the US might
      need a "new Pearl Harbor" to achieve global hegemony.

      Nowhere does the commission point out that Osama bin Laden
      was the CIA's point man in Afghanistan, during the time the
      Reagan administration was bent on pushing the Soviets out of
      that country. Nor does the commission note that al Qaeda is
      a creature of the CIA, born out of the Afghan Mujahadeen,
      which it armed and financed. Yes, we loved those "Muslims"
      when they were doing our dirty work, but they have served
      their purpose and now they are "evildoers."

      While the commission admitted there were no ties between al
      Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, it failed to mention that Saddam
      also was the recipient of US largesse and weapons of mass
      destruction, when the double-dealing Reagan administration
      wanted him to win the war with Iran. What the Reaganites
      didn't tell him was they also were trading arms for hostages
      with Iran at the same time, in order to illegally finance
      the Nicaraguan Contras.

      But the commission didn't see it as its job to connect those
      dots, so people would understand who was really behind 9-11,
      how 9-11 was used to strip us of our freedoms and illegally
      invade Afghanistan and Iraq. If it had, and had laid blame
      at the feet of the real perpetrators, the American people
      would have the big picture of this failed mad scheme that
      cost this country what little respect it had left in the
      world and why there are now people who truly hate us.

      Had the commission stepped back and reflected on the
      nightmare we're in, it would have seen that the way out is
      not with "intelligence" czars, national counterterrorism
      centers, taking away more of our freedoms, preemptive
      strikes on sovereign nations, labeling other
      people "terrorists" and "evildoers" and a bogus "war on
      terror." The way out is by changing our attitude toward the
      world; by reeling in the corporations that exploit other
      peoples and their resources; by respecting other peoples and
      the sovereignty of their nations. But that wasn't the
      commission's job, either. Nor could we expect the corporate-
      connected commissioners to bite the hand that feeds them.

      The commission was tasked with shoring up the Bushwellian
      Official 9-11 Legend for the consumption of the ignorant,
      without causing those responsible for the dastardly deed to
      be brought to justice, and persuading the people to trade
      the rest of their liberty for "safety." If Benjamin Franklin
      were still with us, he would say that people who would do
      that are deserving of neither liberty nor safety.
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