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Oct 27 Arrests

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  • anthonyshafton
    [Forwarded from Lina Thorne] Spread the word... Two young activists with World Can t Wait, one a Columbia College student, were arrested while marching on the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      [Forwarded from Lina Thorne]

      Spread the word...

      Two young activists with World Can't Wait, one a Columbia College
      student, were arrested while marching on the sidewalk in a feeder
      march from the army recruitment center to the anti-war rally held
      last October 27th. Both were grabbed from the sidewalk and thrown to
      the ground and brutalized. Another high school student active with
      SDS was arrested as well- charged with a felony and brought before
      the juvenile court system.

      While the high school student's case was settled this past January,
      Marck Hilgendorf-Sanchez and Sergey Turzhanskiy's cases have
      proceeded and will go to trial this month. They are charged with
      misdemeanors for "failure to obey an officer" and "criminal damage to
      property." Witnesses on the scene that day reported officers began
      asking around for leaders of the march, and then proceeded to target
      Marck and Sergey, who were carrying a bright orange banner which
      read: "No War On Iran."

      While the legal case is strong, with witnesses and video documenting
      the injustice of the repression that day, political and financial
      support is still needed. A statement made by Marck and Sergey shortly
      after their arrest says, "This legal battle is a part of the struggle
      to stop an attack on Iran and to end the oppression of all people."
      Save the date, and spread the wordÂ… pack the courtroom on the first
      day of the trial:

      Monday May 19th, 8:30am
      555 W Harrison
      Wear orange to show your support for the "No War On Iran Three"

      ********Students Against Police Brutality*********
      An evening of music and protest
      May 9th
      ACME Art Works
      1741 N. Western Ave., Chicago
      Doors open at 6:30
      Fundraiser party for remaining legal fees and the emergency room
      bills for Marck and Sergey

      Donations can be sent to the legal fund care of WCW online or through
      the mail. Please be sure to earmark donations towards this case:
      Paypal: chicagoworldcantwait.org
      Mail checks made out to WCW to: 1741 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL
      Donations over $100 are tax deductible and should be made out to
      Alliance for Global Justice

      Statement Issued by Marck and Sergey:

      Hold Your Head High Above the Concrete
      Some Words on 3 Recent Student Arrests

      On October 27, the Chicago Police Department attacked a student
      contingent en route to Union Park for a rally and march against the
      occupation of Iraq. After the police rammed the students' ankles with
      their bicycles for blocks, 3 students were arrested with
      unnecessarily violent force. Students marched in the contingent from
      five or more different schools around the city, and were boldly
      attempting to put the spotlight on the looming threat of a U.S.
      attack on Iran; a threat that is very real, but not fully realized by
      the public, students, and even the anti-war movement. The student
      contingent stepped off from the University Center Dorms, after
      mobilizing in front of its newly installed Army Recruitment Center, a
      place of weekly protest for students from all over the city. The
      brutal arrest of these 3 students was a tactical and premeditated
      political attack on the growing student movement, and cannot be
      allowed to just be swept under the rug. We are determined to fight

      The police attacked us because of what we represent. They attack us
      because we are part of a student movement that is united and growing
      impatient with the War on Terror, which promises no end for decades.
      We are disgusted with the disregard for International Law concerning
      genocide of whole peoples around the world, rights to trial, and the
      basic human right to not be subjected to torture. We are aggravated
      by the silencing of our professors and the arrival of recruitment
      centers to our campuses, which lie to us about benefits while 3847
      betrayed young men and women have already died and 28385 have been
      injured, along with 1,099,372 dead Iraqis and Afghans. As the death
      toll grows, we are growing impatient and growing in number; growing
      in spirit. We are throwing that spirit into the streets, making the
      world know that we, our generation, has a mission and we will fight
      for it.

      This is why they seek to crush us, this is why they see a need to
      bully our generation out of this struggle. This is why they force our
      bodies to the ground; so these bodies no longer bear the banner
      demanding "No War on Iran," as our president, the first in American
      history to publicly appear in military uniform, threatens World War
      III and nuclear strikes on the people of Iran, all for the sake of
      empire. They do not want these mouths to reveal that it is in fact
      our president who sanctions the manufacture of thousands of new
      nuclear weapons.

      The powers that be do not want these bodies to burst forward in the
      creation of a new world. A world that fosters life over death, love
      over wealth, truth over power. They strike at 3 students to strike
      fear in the hearts of all who yearn for peace, who act for justice.
      They strike because they know resistance is growing, that the people
      want their sons and daughters, wives and husbands, fathers and
      mothers back from harm's way. Back from senseless war.

      They strike because those who will never see their loved ones back
      grow desperate.

      The state threatens us because they are afraid. Afraid because we are
      many and they are few. Because they are liars and we speak truth.
      They are afraid because you are on our side in your mind, and soon
      you will be by our side in the streets, joining the masses in our
      country who have already stepped forward. Joining the billions across
      the World who have had enough. Lifting your head from the concrete,
      we will be there to take your hand, but right now we need you to take
      ours. Join us in this political and legal battle, as we walk into
      court on December 7th to confront the unsubstantial and outrageous
      charges that attempt to justify the C.P.D.'s actions. This legal
      battle is a part of the struggle to stop an attack on Iran and to end
      the oppression of all people.

      We need all kinds of support, from donations to pay for our legal
      defense to people in the streets demanding the drop of all charges,
      an end to the U.S. war on the world, and the prosecution of the Bush
      administration for war crimes.

      It is dawn, the sun burns hot, and the day is yet to be decided.
      Decide it.

      -Signed, Sergey Turzhanskiy and Marck Hilgendorf-Sanchez, two of the
      three youth arrested in Chicago on October 27th
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