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20981*video* - TELESUR ENGLISH: Venezuela Calls for Reconstruction of Gaza

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  • stansfield smith
    Aug 14, 2014

      On Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:38 AM, "Walter Lippmann walterlx@... [CubaNews]" <CubaNews@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Venezuela Calls for Reconstruction of Gaza

      Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. (Photo: AVN)

      Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. (Photo: AVN)

      Published 14 August 2014
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      Venezuela's president says he will convene a meeting of Arab leaders to coordinate reconstruction efforts for the war-torn Gaza Strip.

      Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has announced he will meet with Arab leaders to coordinate efforts to rebuild Gaza.

      “Palestine deserves more,” Maduro stated on Wednesday, according to state news agency AVN.

      The Venezuelan president's call came following a meeting with the Palestinian representative in Caracas, Riad Al-Maliki.

      Speaking to the press after the meeting, Maduro vowed to remain committed to defending Palestine against Israel's “military aggression”.

      “Our call, firstly, is to the Jewish people of the world, to be the first to reject this policy of extermination. The second call is to the governments of the Arab people,” he stated.

      Maduro said he hopes to convene a meeting with Arab nations, and develop a comprehensive reconstruction plan for war-torn Gaza.

      Hospitals, schools, homes and infrastructure have all been damaged by Israeli forces in recent weeks.

      Over 1900 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli assault on Gaza, including hundreds of children.

      “The message we send to children, mothers and Palestinian families facing these attacks is love,” he stated.

      For more on Gaza, check out yesterday's report from TeleSUR's correspondent on the ground.


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