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20980A Call to Act Against the Killing of Michael Brown

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  • Grant
    Aug 14, 2014
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      In Chicago people are gathering at 6 pm at Daley Plaza today.


      A Call to Act Against the Killing of Michael Brown       
      1. On Thursday, August 14, go to where people are gathering for "moment of silence" vigils. And after the moment of silence raise your fist and raise the chant: "NO MORE! It Stops Today! We Refuse to Live This Way!" Lead people in this and other chants and in acting in unity with the people in Ferguson.
      2. Bring with you to the vigils and everywhere you go many copies of the Three Strikes posters and also posters of "We Refuse to Accept Slavery in Any Form" with revcom.us prominently displayed. Spread the posters among everyone to get out widely.
      3. On Saturday, August 16, OUT IN THE STREETS--in the downtowns and barrios and ghettos--to make it known that people are standing with and acting in unity with the people who have stood up in Ferguson, Missouri to protest the killing of Michael Brown.
      Bring, distribute and blow whistles. Get out REVOLUTION! Raise your arms and raise your fists. March. ACT, ACT, ACT!!!  
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