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Fw: eminent domain bill

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      I don't know if this will reach everyone as I don't know that I have a complete list of e-mails so you may forward this to other supporters of this bill.

      As you may or may not know the bill has been bogged down to deadline in both the Senate and the House the fortunate thing is that has not been voted down.  Last Friday a group of us met in my office and talked about several strategies.  One was to present amendments that address the primary concerns to a bill and try to keep the idea alive.  We also talked about getting some media attention and a possible press conference.  I agreed to look for a vehicle in the energy committee to attach the amendments and to talk to Rep. Buesgens and Rep. Falk to get their help.  We are moving ahead with that.  The amendments will be heard tomorrow evening in a special meeting of the energy committee as they will be introduced to the energy omnibus bill. That is at 6:30pm Thursday evening in Room 200 of the State office building.  I don't know that anyone but me will be able to speak to the issue, but it might be good to have people in the audience.  You can also send an e-mail to committee members urging them to consider supporting the rights of property owners. The committee members can be found in this link:


      My staff writer is working on a press release that will try to get some press attention to the issue regardless of which way votes on the amendment go so we can keep the issue alive.  It is our hope to do a press conference of some kind next Tuesday also to remind
      the utilities that we are not going away and to make the salient points of the argument about why it is wrong to leave the existing statute as is.  I believe Sen. Dahle will also join us.

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