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Fwd: Please sign our Petition to the Wisconsin Public Service Commis

Fresh in the inbox from CETF and SOUL: The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) has the authority to reopen a case for any reason at any time, including
Carol A. Overland
Jan 13, 2014

CETF & SOUL of Wisconsin file Petition to Reopen

This morning, Citizens Energy Task Force and SOUL of Wisconsin filed a Petition to Reopen Based on New Information at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.
Carol A. Overland
Jan 9, 2014

Cost recovery for CapX 2020

Cost recovery for CapX 2020 and other transmission is on the MPUC agenda for 12/19 Xmsn Cost Recovery -- 12/19 at PUC And it's
Carol A. Overland
Dec 6, 2013

PSC says that Badger Coulee application is NOT complete

... and they are SO specific about it for SO many pages! A delightful letter, posted here: PSC sends ATC & Badger Coulee to the woodshed
Carol A. Overland
Nov 26, 2013

More on ATC/Xcel extension from LaX to Madison

CUB's Charlie Higley goes to ATC Badger Coulee in the news! -- "Our lives begin to end the
Carol A. Overland
Oct 24, 2013

CapX 2020 moving across Wisconsin

Here we go -- ATC has filed the application for the Badger-Coulee line: Badger-Coulee (CapX to Madison) applied for today --
Carol A. Overland
Oct 22, 2013

Oronoci Township Petition to MN Supremes denied

DENIED - Oronoco's Petition to Supreme Court -- "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that
Carol A. Overland
Aug 21, 2013

1 worker killed, 1 injured on CapX project

1 worker killed & 1 injured And on a lighter note: Benefits of Transmission???? Xcel/NSP
Carol A. Overland
Aug 14, 2013

CapX and the Minnesota and Wisconsin Supreme Courts

PUC answers Oronoco's Petition to MN Supreme Court Buy the Farm Wisconsin style! -- "Our
Carol A. Overland
Aug 4, 2013

Wisconsin court stands up for landowners!

Can you believe it? The Wisconsin Supreme Court stood up for landowners facing eminent domain a la ATC! Buy the Farm Wisconsin style!
Carol A. Overland
Jul 31, 2013

Oronoco Township appeals routing decision

Oronoco Township has appealed the routing decision putting the CapX 2020 Hampton - La Crosse transmission line through Oronoco Township and over the White
Carol A. Overland
Jul 11, 2013

Photo updates of (... sigh ...) construction

Very depressing news... two updates: Fargo-Monticello under construction Hampton substation going up!
Carol A. Overland
Jul 9, 2013

NoCapX & CETF FERC Complaint dismissed today

Today we received a 22 page FERC Order dismissing our Complaint: Booted out of FERC They say we need to participate in the
Carol A. Overland
Jul 3, 2013


Here's the Appellate Court's decision on the appeals of the CapX 2020 Hampton-LaCrosse route, affirming the entire PUC decision: CAPX APPEAL DECISION
Carol A. Overland
Jun 10, 2013


YES!!! It doesn't get much better than this! BUY THE FARM --- A WIN FOR THE HOME TEAM! -- "Our lives begin to end the day we
Carol A. Overland
May 29, 2013
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