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Nikon FTN Leatherette Template

Hello All, Does anyone have a template handy for the pieces required to recover a Nikon FTN? I would like to source my own material and then laser cut it
Apr 6

Re: Nikon F Frame Counter Replacement

Having been woken by a barking dog at 1am, I reached for my laptop and was fortunate enough to find this page outlining different frame counters;
Apr 5

Re: Nikon F repair manual

Larry, That would be fantastic if you could send me a copy. Incidentally I have just fixed the frame counter, I will reply on my original post. Thanks for your
Apr 5

Nikon F repair manual

Hi Alex, I'm writing you directly because it does not specifically address your question about the frame counter repair. I have a pdf file of the Nikon F
Apr 5

Nikon F Frame Counter Replacement

Hello All, I have located a service manual for the Nikon F but it is lacking any diagrams, with part numbers. Specifically I am trying to replace the film
Apr 5

Re: Nikon Nikkor-O Auto 35mm f/2 filter thread problem

Hi Welcome to this group. Your English is very good, however a picture is worth 1000words! You are correct, the threads should show about 2.2mm. Your front
louis faiella
Mar 29

Nikon Nikkor-O Auto 35mm f/2 filter thread problem

Hey everyone! I'm new to the group, I joined because i think maybe someone can help me with my problem: Recently, I bought a used nikkor-o 35mm f2, it came
Mar 29

Re: Nikon FG-20 Service Manual

Greetings. I too have many manuals (mostly operating rather than service) that I would be happy to contribute. Most all of what I have in digital form came
Mar 29

Nikon FG-20 Service Manual

Hello All, I have an FG-20 whose light meter has stopped working, I believe due to a knock it took on the corner where the ISO dial is. I am going to try and
Mar 28

Re: Nikon MD-1 Trigger issue F2 Brute?

Received. Thank you so very much. Hopefully I can fix this one. If not, I'll go scrounging for the 2nd version.
Mar 27

Re: Nikon MD-1 Trigger issue F2 Brute?

Resent From: sover wong To: "NikonRepair@yahoogroups.com" ; "gordon5757@..."
sover wong
Mar 26

Re: Nikon MD-1 Trigger issue F2 Brute?

Sover, Greetings and thank you for your reply. I forgot that I had asked this question, though I'd remember at all the wrong times, but couldn't check in and
Mar 25

Re: Repairing Speedlights

This is the SB-800. It doesn't have switches to activate. Without the diffuser, it will not go to 17mm length. The little tabs are still on it. It just popped
Russ Butner
Mar 24

Re: Repairing Speedlights

I think that there are small tabs on the diffuser that stop it. AFAIK the diffuser plate also changes some settings. Without the diffuser inside, the flash
louis faiella
Mar 24

Re: Repairing Speedlights

The little flip-down diffuser panel on my SB-800 fell out. What holds it in place? A photograph that mirrors reality, cannot compare to one that reflects the
Russ Butner
Mar 24
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