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Gig & Club Event: Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm. Bands Psydoll, Metaltech; A Burlesque; Art, Music and DJ's by the Come Collective.

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    Nightnews Listing Gig & Club Event: Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm. Bands Psydoll, Metaltech; A Burlesque; Art, Music and DJ s by the Come Collective.
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    Nightnews Listing

    Gig & Club Event: Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm. Bands Psydoll, Metaltech; A Burlesque; Art, Music and DJ's by the Come Collective.

    Presenting, a night of circus themed, music theatre.

    The Voodoo Rooms, Ballroom
    9-19 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AA
    0131 556 7060

    Thursday 05th November 2009 7.30pm.
    'A Night at the Circus' - Program features

    Music Theatre Bands and performances by

    PSYDOLL Tokjo Japan
    'j-rock, melodic metal, electronic retro-futurist..'
    'metal-industrial, beats, sequences, rock staging..'
    Come Collective & DJ's
    'multi sensory, interactive music, arthouse, to dance to..'
    Mystery Dancer :: 'A Burlesque'
    A Taste of 'Come,' Club :: Come Club DJ's and Art Collective.

    Come anytime, Voodoorooms Bars Open all evening till 1am
    Ballroom Doors from 7.30 for 8.00pm
    Acts and Performers onstage from 9pm - 11pm
    Come Club DJ's, Art Collective, After party 11pm - 1am
    Tickets Full £4.00. Concession £3.00
    n.b. Times may vary slightly so be at the Ballroom by 8pm to see the whole show.

    Program details, artwork, more info



    'Remember, remember the 05th of November!'

    The amazing, manga inspired, renegade, fugitive band PSYDOLL, from Tokyo, Japan collide with raging, flash art, flash music creation, METALTECH from Edinburgh.

    Propping up these comic book inspired stage acts and to add a touch of 'art-house' respectability tinged with total chaos, our wholly music theatre influenced trinity is completed by 'the Come Club Collective, DJ's and interactive artists!'

    Together they take over the fabulous Voodooroom's Ballroom for a night of music circus inspired, mayhem, fireworks*, art, dancing, visuals, eye-popping and aurally inspired music and arts performances.

    Psydoll are Nekoi, Uenoyama and Ucchi in Edinburgh on their UK, 'Through the Spyglass Tour,' 2009.

    METALTECH are: Erik Tricity, Lord Thrapston Flagellator and System V

    Come Club and Collective include Benjamin Newell, the 'Get Messy' DJ's, Steven Morrison, Callum Monteith and a cast of thousands of arthouse collaborators far too numerous to mention individually here! We thank them all!

    Our mystery burlesque dancer and fabulous assistant will be, er, wearing a gas mask so you may not recognise her anyway but come see how hot she is in it! More on her to follow in subsequent updates!

    What they say about these wholly original, unique acts!

    Psydoll, inimitable j-rock, melodic metal, electronic retro-futurist industrial sounds, blended with a sci-fi, manga, music theatre presentation, from Tokyo Japan, signed to Planet Ghost in the UK.

    Metaltech, metal-industrial band with uncontrollably wild, electronic beats, sequences and a show that is a charismatic celebration of flash art inspired rock music stage performance, signed to Alex Tronic Records.

    Come Club and Collective develop and present multi sensory, interactive music and art club events. They work with bands, art installations, performances, DJS and visuals with the aim to create completely different clubbing experiences.

    Together with our fabulous burlesque assistant, they bring you a night of music theatre and circus. Probably, the biggest, wildest, craziest music event, anyone has ever fitted into Edinburgh's most bijou venue! They will probably say that it shouldn't have been done, but here it is anyway! For one insane night only! Experience the mesmerizing stage presence of these incredible acts, in one truly entertaining show and one amazing afterparty! Everyone is invited!

    So, 'remember, remember the 05th of November and be there too!'

    *To avoid disappointment, please note that any fireworks mentioned above are by necessity, metaphorical ones. This is because they had to get the word 'fireworks' in somehow, as it is all on the 05th of November aka 'fireworks night,' for the kids! Well these are all grown up fireworks, certificate LPG and then some!

    'Remember, remember the 05th of November!


    Calendar :: Psydoll - Through the Spyglass Tour 2009

    Saturday the 31st of October
    The Resolution,
    1 Skinner St, Whitby, Scarborough, YO21 3, United Kingdom
    Phone: 01947 602085 ?
    "Halloween Alternative" @ The Resolution, support by Uninvited Guest.
    This gig is part of the events being run under the umbrella of The Alternative.
    All day event, FREE

    Monday the 2nd of November
    Cafe Drummonds
    1 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR Scotland
    Phone: 01224 619930/31
    Doors 8pm / £5
    Plus Metaltech and Beats of Rage!

    'A Night at the Circus'
    Thursday the 5th of November
    The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, Edinburgh EH2 2AA
    Phone: 0131 556 7060
    Plus Metaltech, Come Club, A Burlesque, Projection.
    Doors 8pm / £4 or £3 with Student ID

    Friday the 6th of November
    50-60 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QT
    Phone: 0141 553 1638
    Doors 9pm / £4
    Plus The Paraffins and more TBC

    Saturday the 7th November
    Wellingtons, 88 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4LT
    Phone: 0113 2428169
    A Black Veil Club special featuring Psydoll
    + DJ De’Ath playing the special Black Veil mix.
    8pm till 1.00am
    Entrance to Black Veil & Psydoll will be GBP 4.00
    Entrance for Psydoll only after 10.30pm will be GBP 3.00
    http://www.myspace.com/djde_ath (Black Veil, Leeds)
    Advance tickets now available at

    Psydoll UK tour manager alun@...


    More Information

    Further Sources
    Forthcoming Gigs http://www.psydoll.com/e/02events.html
    Signed in the Uk to http://www.planetghostmusic.com/
    Pix http://www.flickr.com/photos/psydoll/
    Blog http://ucchipsydoll.blog83.fc2.com/
    Spyglass girl for edinburgh poster illustration
    by Senno Knife, Japan.

    Metaltech http://www.myspace.com/metaltech
    Metaltech Review
    Signed to

    Come Club and Collective

    Venue the fabulous Voodoo Rooms


    PS Artwork is open source please circulate it freely.

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