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[Dark Events Apr 2006] Fasta, Goulag Beat, BFF & more Edin/Glw dates that are Goth & Alternative...

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    [Dark Events Apr 2006] Fasta, Goulag Beat, BFF & more Edin/Glw dates that are Goth & Alternative... ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ ## :: NEW :: In this latest issue... # - Gothy
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      [Dark Events Apr 2006] Fasta, Goulag Beat, BFF & more Edin/Glw dates that are Goth &

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## :: NEW :: In this latest issue...
      # - Gothy News :: Edinburgh Goth Scene EXPOSED!!
      # - More FREE links to music, gothradio, downloads...
      # - We pick the best Clubs and Events :: Jerry Springer :: Goulag
      Beat :: Rose McDowell :: Beltane Fire Fest :: Bedlam ::
      Nightnews pic o 'the Clubs to watch & taste ....

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## - News of the GOTH :: Headlines :: OFFICIAL :: Edinburgh Goth Scene
      Attracts Numerous Mentally Ill Teens. Research says "Most self-harmed
      before becoming a Goth, suggesting they chose the subculture
      because they felt their emotional distress would be understood...."

      # Goths 'more likely to self-harm?' Self-harming is a strategy for
      coping with serious emotional problems Teenage Goths are more likely
      to self-harm than those in other social groups, a study has found.

      # MRC Glasgow Study by Bob the Vampire
      Prevalence of deliberate self harm and attempted suicide within
      contemporary Goth youth subculture: longitudinal cohort study
      - it must be true, a vampyre researched and wrote it up!

      [This story contrasts with the latest GOTH RESEARCH by Dr Dunja
      Brill and may account for why the goth scene in Edinburgh is so
      poisonous. I have heard stories that troubled impressionable teens
      at the Sick Kids YPU meet there and decide to join the goth scene.
      Add manipulative gossips, evil promoters and older loonies and
      you have a recipe for a crap scene. See 'Upwardly Gothic' at ::
      It seems likely that the new generation of disturbed teens will be
      drawn to EMO and will hopefully leave the goth scene alone. The atmos-
      phere in the Edinburgh goth scene is poisonous enough without any
      more malicious 'care cases' on prozac, putting on black t-shirts
      and causing yet more trubble in it. Nightnews comment ~ all
      rights reserved.]

      ## - Nightnews Points You at More FREE Music
      # - Preview all of 'Yes Virginia' on myspace
      # - Download Dirty Business: an exclusive Dresden Dolls mp3
      # - Free download of 'The Wolf Sky' at Wendy's page
      http://www.myspace.com/wendyrule Order whole CD at this link below
      # - Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen from the Fringe 2005
      # - Quite Good Gothy Internet Radio Sites

      ## - Vampyre girl about the net, why not hook up with..
      .. she won't bite you till she recovers from her WGW hangover hehe

      # Get your band listed on Xfm SCotland's The Guide as part of UK Music Week
      - send Vicky News Editor at Xfm Scotland the detials ASAP!

      # Telephone man :: Fun 70's Track by Meri Wilson :: FREE from Nightnews

      Onto to the gothy content, announcements, new stuff & reminders....

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## - 'Jerry Springer The Opera'- Edinburgh
      24 - 29 April, 7.30pm

      2 FOR 1 Opening Night Offer on 24th APRIL

      Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 13/29 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9FT
      Box Office: 0131 529 6000
      Book Online: http://www.eft.co.uk/booking/online.asp
      Support this show as its being attacked by loonies from

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## - 27 April Goulag Beat - Edinburgh
      eGo, 14 Picardy Place, Cocteau Lounge, Edinburgh EH1 3JT
      CLub DJ's + MOTHER AND THE ADDICTS joined by Starvation Box, London,
      10.30pm - 3am Cost: £4

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## 28 April, Rose McDowall + Black Wave Project
      at Fimbulvetr, Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh
      Full details, extensive listing and blurb

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## Beltane Fire Festival 2006
      Sunday April 30th, Calton Hill, Edinburgh
      9pm - 1am Priced £3.00
      Advance tickets for this year's festival now available!
      Priced £3.00 Online from http://www.beltane.org
      Press Release & Downloads

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## - May 06 - BEDLAM GOTH CLUB - GLASGOW
      Qudos, Main Floor, Queen Margaret Union, Hillhead Glasgow
      Sat 6th May 2006
      Sat 3rd June 2006

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      ## - Nightnews says Alternative Music is changing :: Post Punk,
      New Wave, Experimental Burlesque and Punk Cabaret is the way
      forwards. EMO will capture the emergent Youth market. Clubs that
      don't play the latest in their genres will wither away. New
      promoters will replace crap old promoters. These are some of
      the new clubs Nightnews will be supporting in the months to come.
      Healthy Goth Culture will persist and grow into a massive counter
      culture global market inaccessible to mainstream music corporations.

      # Meanwhile in Edinburgh see ::
      http://www.myspace.com/thegoulagbeat monthly
      http://www.myspace.com/fastpunkclub monthly
      http://www.myspace.com/clashclub NEW
      http://vaudevillecabaretclub.com/ as advertised
      http://www.myspace.com/thescottishhobosociety every Sunday

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      # Calendar

      Apr 24 Jerry Springer The Opera EFT (24/29 inc)
      Apr 25 Rockers Gig, by Destroy Glw
      Apr 26 Wed Gary Numan QMU (amended date) Glw
      Apr 27 Genetic Citrus Club Edinburgh
      Apr 27 Cryotec, Cathouse
      Apr 27 Goulag Beat, Ego
      Apr 28 Fimbulvetr Gig - Rose McDowall + Black Wave Project £8/5
      Apr 29 Bitch Teviot Underground
      Apr 30 Beltane

      May 04 Dresden Dolls, Exchange, Edinburgh, 14+, £13.00
      May 04 Genetic
      May 05 Covenant, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
      May 05 Dresden Dolls, CPL Cathouse, Glw
      May 06 Clash Club launch Edinburgh
      May 06 Bedlam
      May 06 Gigantor
      May 08 Sisters of Mercy ABC 7-11pm Glasgow
      May 11 Genetic
      May 13 Ascension
      May 18 Genetic
      May 19 Fimbulvetr Gig - In Gowan Ring + My Kappa Roots £6/4
      May 19 FAST// Punk Club Bongo Club, Edinburgh
      May 25 Genetic
      May 26 Dark City Edinburgh (26/28 inclusive)

      Jun 03 Bedlam
      Aug 25 Infest Bradford (25/26/27 inclusive)
      Oct 27 WGW (27/28 inclusive)
      Nov 16 THE STRANGLERS, QM, Glw

      # Intercity travel links
      Edinburgh-Glasgow: Citylink 900 £6.00 return :: http://www.citylink.co.uk/
      Other: Megabus :: http://www.megabus.com/ £variable & cheap

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      # Gothy Etiquette
      Remember kids, putting on a black t-shirt in Edinburgh, waving
      glowsticks and saying you are a goth does not make you a goth nor
      does it give you free licence to be a malicious little f*cktard.
      In fact it could be really bad for your karma.

      # Where to Goth
      Bedlam, Ascension, Fimbulvtr, Cryotec, Bitch, Amatis...

      # Weekly Alternative
      Every Thurs - Genetic, Citrus Club, Grindlay Street
      Last Thurs Monthly - Goulag Beat (post-punk night) Ego, Picardy Pl.

      # 80's
      Friday - Planet Earth, Citrus Club

      # Where to Eat, Drink, Caffeine, Newspapers
      The City Cafe, 19 Blair St,
      Edinburgh. Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Main Meals,
      11am/10pm, happy hour 5/8pm. Open til 1am, DJ's from 9pm

      # Up & Coming for Arthouse & Live Music
      The Left Bank, 37 Guthrie St, Ed. till 1am

      # Pubs with some Goth & Alt custom
      Auldhoose, Holyrood Tavern, Jekyll & Hyde

      # Rock
      Gigs - Bannermans, Opium, Subway
      Pubs - Advocate, Black Bull, Blind Beggar

      ## Free Gigs :: Free Entry :: MORE Great Drinks Promos

      # Free Gigs
      HOBO :: Bongo Club Weekly Sundays :: 2/3 Live bands
      10 - 3am :: Free Entry b4 11pm £3 after

      # Free Women
      FAITH :: Girls get in FREE on Fridays!

      # Free Entry and Drinks Promos
      £1.50 Daily - Teviot Union et al 11am-11pm (till later Fri)
      £1.80 Daily - City Cafe select drinks 5pm-8pm
      £1.00 Daily - Rush
      £1.75 doubles £1.95 Mon, Tue, Sun - Planet Out, Glbt bar - till 9pm
      £1.50/70 doubles £2.50 Tue - Split at CAB (Techno + DnB) - 3am
      £1.50 Tue - Left Bank, Becks only - 1am
      £1.50 Sun - Faith - 3am
      £1.00 Sun - Opium, Subway - 3am

      ## Modest Entry Charge + Drinks Promos
      £1.50 Mon - Trade Union at CAB (Eclectic) - 3am
      £1.50 Wed - We are Electric at CAB free entry b4 Midnight, free to
      members all night, free membership card otherwise £2.00 after
      midnite - 3am (Electro + House :: Cover Charge For SPECIAL NIGHTS)
      95p/£1.70 Wed/Thu - Citrus Club (Tease Age, Genetic) - free 11/11.30pm
      £3.00 entry after 11.30pm - open till 3am

      [nb. Drinks promos fluctuate faster than we can report them,
      note that we are against abuse of alcohol and binge drinking.]

      # Student nights
      EU Indie http://www.indiesoc.org.uk
      EU EdG&R http://www.eusa.ed.ac.uk/societies/edgar
      HW GLAM http://www.glamsoc.co.uk/

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^

      # Full Weekly Scots Listings Public Media Archive
      (Includes ALL of Scotlands Goth clubs that we know of..)

      # Nightnews Reminders are also at Yahoo, LJ, Myspace Blog

      # Like free music? Always more new stuff here...

      # Other Lothian Goths Events

      # Fetish Info

      # Nightnews Fringe 2005 Awards are delayed

      # Advance Tickets and early warning of on-topic gigs

      ^V^ ^V^ ^V^


      Updated 23 04 2006


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