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An FBI veteran confirms Sibel Edmonds's claim of a spy ring hign in State Dept

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  • DickM
    FBI veteran confirms Sibel Edmonds s claim of spy ring high in State Dept. September 28, 2009 [An 18-year veteran of the FBI has confirmed that Marc Grossman
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      FBI veteran confirms Sibel Edmonds's claim of spy ring high in State Dept.

      September 28, 2009 [An 18-year veteran of the FBI has confirmed that Marc Grossman the third-highest official in the State Department during the Bush II years, was the object of a "decade-long investigation" that was ultimately "buried and covered up," confirming allegations made by whisteblower Sibel Edmonds in an explosive interview (
      http://www.ufppc.org/content/view/9015/) in the November 2009 issue of *American Conservative*, the Brad Blog reported Monday ¨CMarkJensen
      Former FBI official John M. Cole, who managed of the FBI's Counterintelligence and Counterespionage departments, said "It is long past time to investigate this case and bring about accountability."
       Grossman was specifically identified as a ring-leader in a very broad espionage scandal --- which includes the theft and sale of nuclear weapons technology to the foreign black market --- in a series of front-page exclusives by the U.K. *Sunday Times* in early 2008

      OKC bombing tapes appear edited

      Sep 27, 2009 The video tapes turned over by the FBI came from security cameras that various companies had mounted outside office buildings near the Oklahoma City federal building, are blank at sections on the tapes recordings before 9:02 a.m. when the bomb exploded.  This is the time when a truck bomb detonated in front of the building on April 19, 1995.

      "Four cameras in four different locations going blank at basically the same time on that morning.  That ain't no coincidence. Also, interesting is the fact that the soundless tape recordings are not blank back on after 9:02 am, and show people rushing from nearby buildings after the bomb went off. Some show people fleeing through corridors cluttered with debris.

       Government officials claim the security cameras did not record the minutes before the bombing because "they had run out of tape" or "the tape was being replaced."

      The FBI in the past refused to release the security camera recordings, but they were obtained through the federal Freedom of Information Act.



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